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The End Is Near,

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Guest kath

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People have asked me- when will the world end?

I tell them the myan calender ends in may, 2008, and they believe that we will - change to a higher plain of understanding at that time.

I believe, that, someday, technology will fail us. I believe those who have learned to work with their hands, to be able to do things, like grow food , and preserve it and who know how to make purified water - who know the herbs

think about it.

What if the dragon / the beast is computer technology? what if the third of the stars that were in the night sky that are swept down to earth the satalites that orbit the earth? What if the number that is placed on our forhead is the social security number- you can not get work or food with out it- nor purchase propety- and it numbers your soul.

We have seen our shares of disasters, and plagues. We have Aids, and cancer, and the flu- and pandaepidemics looming.

some of the things mentioned was the unquenchable fire- what if that was radiation? and the sores that it mentions were from the exposure- or even cancer.

Cancer has climbed out from under the counter and the paper bag that it was kept in so that it is now something people speak freely of. When my grandmother was dx with cancer, it was simply that she became ill, and was going to die. She told my mother privatly, that she had cancer, and my mum, being a nurse, said "I know"

Breast cancer kills one woman every 13 miniutes.

Diabietes kills one person every 3 miniutes.

Melanoma kills one person every miniute- and in austraila, every other person will get Melanoma. In america its now one in 4. (it had been 1 in 100 5 yrs ago, then went to 1- 20, and now 1in 4.)

According to comic releaf (the Europian comic releaf that provides assistance to some of the poorest children in the world) One child dies every second from hunger.

What would the world be like with out power, with out telephones? How many would survive the first year, or the second. How many would say to the mountains fall on us?

in 2008 there is the presidential elections, and the olympics-

convert what you have not to gold or gems, as you can not eat them, echange it for wisdom, and knowledge, and a way to survive.

The meek shall inherit the earth.

What does that mean? well, the humble- the farmers, and the people who have done things with their hands, and have the know, will be the ones to survive.

the world will empty once again, and fronteers will be explored.

learn, now.

before it is too late.


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Guest A Stranger
People have asked me- when will the world end?

Who asks you when the world will end? Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

The world has always be at risk of ending, that's just life.

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