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As I have been going through my 1013 archives I found two little files I thought it would be nice to share. X-Files: Santa Clause - A little fan made choon from a fan made compilation inspired by the X-files - not great but certainly one for collectors and rabid enthusiasts and X-Files: The Truth About Christmas which is a parody/homage to the X-Files in which Mulder and Scully discuss the likelihood of Santa (amongst other things.) Hope you enjoy....isn't it amazing what you find on those dusty old disks?

Merry X-Mas,



Merry Christmas From Queequeg

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How kind of you both. It's good to be back. As I mentioned I am trawling through disc after disc of 1013 related downloads (I never realised I had so much stuff lying around though I confess to have been saving such things for years) and I came across this. I have no idea where I got it from but it is cheesey with a capital cheese and if anything is going to raise a chuckle this is.....The Greatest Millennium Midi Hits....yup you read it right. A collection of choons from Millennium played with panache and sounding like one of those Bontempi organs everyone banged away on in the 80's (or at least they did around my neck of the woods.) Below is the track listing...go on...you know you want to.

MILLENNIUM - Main Theme - Mark Snow

MILLENNIUM - In The Year 2525

MILLENNIUM - Psycho Circus


MILLENNIUM - Auld Lang Syne

MILLENNIUM - I'll Never Fall In Love Again

MILLENNIUM - How Deep Is Your Love

MILLENNIUM - Prelude To Parsifal


MILLENNIUM - Horse With No Name


MILLENNIUM - Seasons In The Sun

MILLENNIUM - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

MILLENNIUM - Bless The Beasts And The Children

MILLENNIUM - Dancing Barefoot

MILLENNIUM - This Little Light Of Mine

BONUS TRACK - X-Files Dance Mix

BONUS TRACK - X-Files - Deserter (Java Game Theme)

BONUS TRACK - X-files (Dream Version)

BONUS TRACK - X-Files Theme - Mark Snow

And a very happy new year to all of you........better go prepare the punch. :drunk:

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