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Favorite And Worst Tv Shows Of 2005.

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I just wrote my 2005 TV Shows In Review article:


To make it short, you can read it or not. I will list my favorite shows of 2005 here:



3. MI-5/ SPOOKS Season 4

4. 24

5. Waking The Dead

6. Ghost In The Shell: Stan Alone Complex

7. Eyes

Also the new Doctor Who wasn't too bad at all, but it still doesn't overshadow some of my favorite DW stories from the old series.

So let her rip- what are your favorite shows of 2005 and what did you think sucked the most on TV (that you watched)?

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Since I don't have cable or satellite, all my viewing is broadcast.

My faves:


2. Lost

3. Surface

4. Invasion

5. Numbers

6. Threshold

So-so shows: Ghost Whisperer (a bit sappy and preachy at times, particularly when the ghost is a child), Law & Order (all the flavors of this have become too preachy and predictable), Crossing Jordan (went downhill after the first season, haven't cared for some of the character changes and continuing plot elements).

Didn't like: Supernatural (this started out being nothing more than a couple of hunky guys chasing after the supernatural phenomena, mostly ghosts, of the week)

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Lost : Still high hopes for this but getting impatient during the hiatus. Slightly annoyed when I heard this week will be a 'Clips' show.

Still about the best around.

Surface : Fantastic potential but I hope it doesn't go where I think - but it's pretty unpredictable in a good way.

Characters are still my favorites.

Law & Order CI: :snore: without D'Onofrio.

West Wing: Sad news about John Spenser's death. Ironic on tonights episode (not sure how far in advance it was taped) His character's quote "The first symptom of a Heart attack is death". I am glad they are continuing to air the episodes with John. I think it's a fitting tribute to a fine actor.

MI 5 is on my wish list, I've only seen a few episodes on DVD

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Night Stalker: I loved it even though it was cancelled and made fun of.

Criminal Minds: Mandy was a great choice for this show.

The Closer: Seen on TNT

Wanted: Another TNT show

Curb Your Ethusiasm: I think one of the funniest seasons yet regarding this series.

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I know this is a small breach of topic, due to my work schedule I dont get to watch many tv shows but I would like to say the worst movie I saw this year was Wolf Creek........geezzzzzzzz, what a let down. ok there, thanks.

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