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Frank Black's Fate.

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Guest Lara Means

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Guest Lara Means

At the end of season three, we see frank black flee with his daughter, but why exactly? Do the group want to kill him, and why exactly, surely if he told anyone about the group, they'd believe him to be nuts, as they had done so. The betrayal of emma hollis now means that the millennium group have control over part of/ all of the FBI. This was obvisiouly their intention in the first place, the siginificance is linked to the on-coming Millennium, they want control over what will happen to the world, they want to shape its future- through control comes power. How was peter watts protecting frank exactly, and what happened to him, this we can only speculate upon this, perhaps he was murdered as he began to resent what the group had done to him and his friends in the past, but why murder him?. He wants to regain his friendship with frank, and at the end os season three we see part of the old friendship come through. But if the millennium group wanted frank's gift badly, as he was the only one in the group to posses this, why not continue to attempt the persuassion, or brain wash him into joining? What fate could have lurked around the corner for frank? Why did the millennium group have a file on frank's daughter? we know why there would be one on hime, but why the child? If he had joined, what would lay in store for him and the millennium group in the year 2000. Please feel free to add your own answers to the questions, your own interpretations to what could have been if frank had joined, or even what his fate could have been if hadn't fleed at the end of season three.

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To answer one of your questions, I think that the groupd had a file on Jordan because they knew about her gift as well. What they were planning on doing with this knowledge is anyone's guess, however, it makes sense to me that if the roosters were wrong, than the owls would have wanted jordan for the event that they discussed in season two.

As far as what happened to Frank, if we disregard the X-Files episode (Which I tend to do, as I think that it was the worst X-Files episode ever and had absolutely nothing to do with MM), then I would like to think that Frank and Jordan went off to a different place where they could live as anonymously as possible and try to have a normal life.

However, I also think that the group would have tried to contact him again, and possibly, if their attempts failed, they would have gone as far as to kidnap Jordan.

Again, this is just my idea, but its as plausible an idea as any that I have read.

1st post.

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Guest Sinestro

First of all, I must say that the seventh season Millennium themed episode of the X-Files is geat and one of my favorites. It's not meant to be a real close to MM but a somewhat side story. The show got cancelled. The story of Frank in an institute with Jordan in the temporary (at least I hope it was) custody of her grandparents was sound. The zonmbies were just a nod to the campiness of the "schism" that had formed in the MM group. The end of the show with Frank killing all but the last zombie, Scully saving him and Mulder and Frank reuniting with Jordan was small quaint and fitting. Let us not forget that this "crossover" that was more of a sidestory took place in the midst of great and hyped fear that was, as we all know now (and some of us knew back then) all for not.

Secondly, I'd like to think they went back to Seatle or someplace entirely different. Florida, perhaps?

I'd envision Frank, realising that the new MillenniuM did bring great horrors in the form of the current

"war on terror" and rise in terrorism, not to mention the attacks four years ago. To this end, I would like to think of him still having haunted ties to the Group while keeping an ever watchful eye on the budding Jordan, whose powers are coming to fruition quicker than Frank ever dreamed.

Anything more I leave to the more talented dreamers who are better at writing.

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