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German Episode Titles

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Guest MrCox

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Hallo all,

this is my first post on the forum although I've been reading regularly. One of the posts from 2002 was about the French episode titles translated back to English. I was quite amused by some of these and I thought, well the German titles are quite funny too. :signlol: So here are the German titles and their English translations:

Season 1

Pilot: Der Jüngste Tag > The Day Of Judgment

Gehenna: Gehenna > Gehenna

Dead Letters: Heute hier, morgen tot > Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Judge: Der Richter > The Judge

522666: Einmal ein Star > Once A Star

Kingdom Come: Dein Reich komme > Thy Kingdom Come

Blood Relatives: Die Schrift aus Blut > The Writing Made Of Blood

The Well-Worn Lock: Das lange Schweigen > The Long Silence

Wide Open: Sklaven der Angst > Slaves Of Fear

The Wild And The Innocent: Angel > Angel

Weeds: Die Sünden der Väter > The Sins Of The Fathers

Loin Like A Hunting Flame: Tote Jahre > Dead Years

Force Majeure: 1000 letzte Tage > 1000 Last Days

The Twin White Line: Zwei und Zwei > Two And Two

Sacrament: Im Zeichen Luzifers > In The Sign Of Lucifer

Covenant: Engel sterben nicht > Angels Don't Die

Walkabout: Der Versuch > The Experiment

Lamentation: Gesichter des Bösen > Faces Of Evil

Powers, Principalities, Thrones And Dominions: Tote Freunde > Dead Friends

Broken World: Der Pferdemörder > The Horse Ripper

Maranatha: Der Schwarze Mann > The Black Man

Paper Dove: Schweigen ist Gold > Silence Is Golden

Season 2:

The Beginning And The End: Der Komet des Bösen > The Comet Of Evil

Beware Of The Dog: Die Hunde > The Dogs

Sense And Antisense: Patient Zero > Patient Zero

Monster: Monster > Monster

A Single Blade Of Grass: Pahana > Pahana

The Curse Of Frank Black: Zwei Sechs Acht > Two Six Eight

19:19: Die Kinder von Broken Bow > The Children Of Broken Bow

The Hand Of Saint Sebastian: Der Mann im Moor > The Man In The Bog

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense: Die Phantasien des Jose Chung > The Fantasies Of Jose Chung

Midnight Of The Century: Morgen und morgen und morgen > Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Goodbye Charlie: Der Todesengel > The Death Angel

Luminary: Alaska > Alaska

The Mikado: Mord im Internet > Murder On The Internet

The Pest House: Meins, nicht ich! > Mine, Not Me!

Owls: Eulen und Hähne (Teil 1) > Owls And Roosters (Part 1)

Roosters: Eulen und Hähne (Teil 2) > Owls And Roosters (Part 2)

Siren: Die Stimme der Verführung > The Voice Of Seduction

In Arcadia Ego: Gottes Kind > God's Child

Anamnesis: Clares Weg > Clare's Path

A Room With No View: Namenlos > Nameless

Somehow, Satan Got Begind Me: Arme Teufel > Poor Devils

The Fourth Horseman: Dreizehn nach vier > Thirteen Minutes Past Four

The Time Is Now: Die Zeit ist nahe > The Time Is Near

Season 3:

The Innocents: Himmelblaue Augen > Heavenly Blue Eyes

Exegesis: Fünf - zwölf > Five - Twelve

TEOTWAWKI: Countdown > Countdown

Closure: Könige der Welt > Kings Of The World

... Thirteen Years Later: Halloween > Halloween

Skull And Bones: Opfer 38 > Victim 38

Through A Glass, Darkly: Vergebung > Forgiveness

Human Essence: Heroin > Heroin

Omerta: Lassa und Rose > Lassa And Rose

Borrowed Time: Geschenkte Zeit > Given Time

Collateral Damage: Nichts als die Wahrheit > Nothing But The Truth

The Sound Of Snow: Weißes Rauschen > White Noise

Antipas: Teufels Braut > Devil's Bride

Matryoshka: Nummer 633 > Number 633

Forcing The End: Der dritte Tempel > The Third Temple

Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury: Augen des Bösen > Eyes Of Evil

Darwin's Eye: Gekreuzte Palmen > Crossed Palms

Bardo Thodol: Junge Hände > Young Hands

Seven And One: Unter Wasser > Under Water

Nostalgia: Regen in South Mills > Rain In South Mills

Via Dolorosa: Kreuzweg > Way Of The Cross

Goodbye To All That: Wir sind alle Hirten > We Are All Shepherds

The X-Files episode "Millennium" was called "Millennium" in German as well. How could they have named it some other way?

The German titles seem to have a lot of numbers in it, don't they? :rofl:

By the way, the tag lines of the original credit sequence ("Wait ... worry" etc.) were omitted in the German version. In all three seasons the following line was included:

"Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst", translated "Fear your neighbour like yourself".

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  • Elders (Admins)

Thanks for this, I was hoping to ask our German and French Elders if they could provide such a list for the episode guide that we are currently making. Now I just need to track down the French version posted in the Archives!

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Guest Mr Noir

*hehe* The German titles aren't as bad as possible... But they're absolutely addicted on numbers. :fool:

The German line "Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst" is very typical. Like on "The X-Files": "Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI". Translated: "The eery cases of the FBI". :jumping:

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Guest Mr Noir

Only one of a thousands of names they give foreign series. :clapping::death:

"Seven Days" - "Das Tor in eine andere Dimension (translated: "The gate into another dimensions") :doh:

"PSI Factor" - "Es geschieht jeden Tag" (translated: "It happens every day") :tongue:

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