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Mixing Up Millennium Video

Guest liketom

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Guest liketom

hi all ,

been a while since i posted on here , so i was felling the need to do a remixed up video for Millennium much the same way i do them for other movie clip (see my website for more of the same)

anyway here we go :

Title : MilleniuM Edit 1

Format : M4V - iTunes/Quicktime 7

Length : 1:13

Size : 6.9mb

please feel free to laugh at it as you guys will see each frame and say what episode it came from - but you will get the idea ... Also the video is in a very early stage of editing.


webby link for video

my website link

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Excellent work! :rock2:

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Guest Mr Noir

Really cool! If I'd have some MM video material on the PC I'd make some videos, too. Preferbly some music videos.

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Guest liketom
i would love to see a MM video....have you seen X-Files music vids heres a link to one a like:


thats the first time i've seen them x-files ones - EXCELLENT , mmm i'm working on a BBC competition movie at the moment but i will have a look to see if i can do something of equal quality for our Frank maybe

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Guest Estrella_16
like the video looks ok

Hi I`m new in the board, Im from Argentina and Im currently watching season 2...hm...I was wondering if anyone knew of any website on MM music videos? Apart from this one? Because as a fan of X Files, Ive seen millions of videos, some very good, some not so good, but a lot anyways!

And it seems to me, being MM such a great show, much more deeper than Xf Id say...wouldnt have to be at least 20 vids online, or at Youtube? 20 isnt much...just for a start LOL. The thing is, every time I look for Millenium on Youtube it ends up in something to do with Robbie Williams...hehe.

Any help will be great! Keep up the good job!


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Hi Estrella and a very warm welcome to the board!

Sadly there aren't that many MM music videos in existence and to my knowledge no site dedicated to hosting any. We had a recent discussion on this very fact here and there are people here, myself included, who are interested in creating them. One of our Elders, Toby, very kindly shared some information on the subject of fan made videos and as a result I, and hopefully others, are in the process of learning to use the tools he suggested.

Here's hoping we can become profficient enough to share our efforts.

Do you yourself make music videos?

My very best wishes to you and apologies that I could not be more helpful.





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