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millennium music

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Guest fisbin

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Millennium music is getting more & more difficult to find. There used to be a site - xfilesmusic.com, I believe that at least there were some download worthy items. Now that is gone?

seems like there is some sort of conspiracy to keep us from getting this type of stuff...any answers out there?

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Here is the German version of the x-filesmusic.com site. It just experied and the owner hasn't renewed yet (or if?).  I started a thread at the X-Files message board about this and a bunch of us have tried to find out what happened or contact the site owner.  All to no avail.  But, one good thing did come out of the discussion and effort, some one brought the German version of the site to my attention.  If you can sort figure it out based on what you knew of the old version, and the familiar words and context, etc.

X-Files Music > De   Akte X



who has to go mark his time to the exquisite relentlessness of Love is Blue...

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While doing my (ever increasing) research for transcripts, I googled for a particular song that's played in "Goodbye Charlie". One of the results was a MM site based in France. It has mp3s of many of the songs used in MM eps. I'm not sure if this is already referenced on MDUK or the Abyss, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's of interest to anyone.

The URL is: https://mmfdb.free.fr/multimedia/musique/

Being a typical Brit, of course my knowledge of other languages is abysmally poor, so I used Google's translation facility, which worked pretty well except for some reason "Carter" is sometimes translated as "Casing". I'm still trying to puzzle that one out!


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Hi Libby,

That site belongs to Amrith one of our French members.

Look out for a lot more music files from myself now that my local BT exchange has become ADSL enabled... it's now a lot more practical to upload larger files than it was on a modem!



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Guest Lady 3Jane

I´m looking for Steve Goodman "Danger" (mlm-104 "the judge")

X "I must not have bad thougts" (mlm-105 "522666")

X "unheard music"

In The Line Of Duty: Street War (Main Theme) - Mark Snow

Can anybody help? I will trade with other MLM "Goldies"

pm me


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