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Error In Via Dolorosa?

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Don't worry mate, I was being glib.

As for the rest, I wouldn't attempt to argue that a serious look at the events makes the transition certainly a non sequitur between the previous set up and the comment to Frank that the door was unlocked. I do think there is a strong possibility that the crew were aware of the problem but decided to let the issue roll for the sake of flow. That said, bigger gaffs have been made in TV.. Either way, I think there is rationale for the Maid to attempt to unlock the door, and I wouldn't really agree the story lingers on the scene, no more than a time to allow the viewer to catch up to where the scene is set and match this event with the previous. She simply goes up to the door and "unlocks it".

In my head, I can quite easily imagine being her, going to the door, unlocking it with a key rather than merely pushing at it, and essentially unlocking a locked door. If we want to point to an error, it would be the remark to Frank saying the door was unlocked, though even there, if there was no sign of break and entry, the maid is used to the door being unlocked on occasions, and maybe even the notion that she couldn't have hit the catch when she placed her key in, and the door might have been unlocked to start with, that the notion offered to Frank had some credibility behind it.

Personally I'd rather find an answer than cement a fault, but yes, however you look at it, on a serious viewing the rationale does not flow. :clapping:

Laredo...No offense taken mi amigo..As you can see i have deleted my previous post. You gave me some "food for thought" so i went back and revisited the scene in my head and on the screen. I agree that the episode does not hinge around the scene and i wholeheartedly agree that there have been bigger gaffs in TV, even in other episodes of MillenniuM....what we can deduce is that the scene was obviously in the script, so it had to make sense to someone. Most likely, and i now tend to agree with you here, is that it was done to enhance the tension. The astute viewer would wonder why we have to witness a maid performing such a mundane task such as unlocking a door unless we sensed that there was something BEYOND the door waiting for us. Am i making any sense? The only problem, as we have discussed is that by her very action, the door appeared to be locked. A most likely scenario, and one that follows the script and M.O. of Barr would follow your suggestion that the door was ALREADY open. What i think happened, and of course this is only conjecture is that the cost of re-shooting the scene in order to fall within the guidelines of the story was too great (if they even caught it themselves) and the prevailing thought was that they could get away with it because the "casual viewer" as you state would not pick up on the discrepency, it was too short of a scene, the camera did not linger on the act of unlocking the door. There is another issue later in the episode concerning a shadow on the table where the carving is that magically turns into the shape of a cross where in a previous scene there was nothing, but thats for later...
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