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Guest Jack Bauer

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Guest &one

That's a bummer  :down: . That's kinda how our movie theater usually works. We usually only get the really big movies. Other than that we are considered A second rate movie theater. We usually get the movies after theive been out for six months if we get them at all. Well enough complaining.

Have fun at the movies  Denise :ouro:  :D

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Guest TheSunKing1972

1: Apocalypse Now

(My Original WWW name was "Charlie Don't Surf!")

2: The Wizard Of Oz

3: Resident Evil

(Can't Help it, I love the games)

4: Slingblade

(How is this not on other peoples lists?)

5: The Prophecy + 2 & 3

(Christopher Walken as Gabriel...sweet)

6: American History X

7:  Se7en

8: Hellraiser (everyone, except the one with the guy with cd's in his head)

9: The Apostle

10: The Usual Suspects

Realy hard to narrow it down to 10, but these are mine.

Ya know...Robert Duvall is on the list 3 times...could be many times more too :thumbsup_big:  :frank_black:

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