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"anamnesis" (2nd Season)

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Anamnesis is one of my favourite episodes. I rewatch it usually on the 22nd of July as this is the feast day of St Mary of Magdalene.


And I just realised today that in the episode they say that that Clare was born on July 22nd - which is the feast day of St. Mary of Magdalene - I am completely amazed to pick this only up now after so many years and rewatches.


"LARA: Arrived July 2nd, 1982."

Though in the script it says 2nd of July - might the admin perhaps check - perhaps I just mishear it - and if applicable fix that in the script?
Perhaps also adding those factoid as a reference there:


This episode made me reading the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Narnia, most of the Pullman books, Elaine Pagel's the Gnostic Gospels etc and also how I picked my nick for the internet in the late 90's. 

Some related Music to the topic 😉


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