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Polaroid Stalker

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Your desires will be granted as they say Celt,

The writers have stated that Season Four will explore 'The Temple' which has links with the pre-others civilisation as well as the 'Four Toe'd' statue in more depth. Maybe we can have an official 'Lost' thread here in much the same way as 'Dexter' is being discussed, pinned and official? Given that 'The Old Man' is a fan of Lost I wouldn't think such a proposal would be out of the question.

I may run this by him,

Best wishes as always,

Eth :)

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Guest SouthernCelt

Well, on the morning after the return of LOST, anyone who missed last night's episode missed mucho plot development and suggested future plot elements. My head's still spinning from the "flashing" about though.

This ep could be best described as Ben-centric and the actor playing Ben deserves an award for what he does with the character.

Last night's ep was probably the best episode overall of the whole season and would be high on my list of best eps for the series.

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Blimey Celt you've made my day!

I didn't realise it was back on the US as we are a little behind you in the UK.

I am absolutely beside myself with excitement now, beer is the fridge, friends are comming over and I shall let you know what I think a little later today.

'Oh Happy Day....'

Best wishes,


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I got to watch half of last night's Lost episode, definitely a lot more going on than I ever expected!

As I've pulled the Polaroid Stalker/Doug Hutchinson thread waaay off topic now, I'm going to go ahead and make a new topic in the "Two Severed Thumbs Up" sub-forum dedicated to Lost (I did one for season 2 a long ways back, a new one is in order)...

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Guest Sheree Dawn
Well spotted, LucasBarr. I hadn't realised that there were two different actors. I'm glad that they got Doug Hutchison for The Beginning and The End. He can portray a creepy person so well.

I thought he was better for the part.

The one in Paper Dove was just a creepy voyeuristic person; I didn't see him as being dangerous. See the way he manipulated that big dummy into doing his dirty work? Can't think of that guys name just now, but just find it funny that he plays his character in Paper Dove the way he does, being an angry Mama's boy. And yet, in another movie ON DEADLY GROUND with Steven Segal, he was this oil rig worker who dared to take on "Cupcake" Segal.

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  • 4 years later...

Why do many say that the stalker raped Catherine? I didn't see where it was even implied. He could have taken Jordan and didn't, but allwed catherine to believe she was dead by using a doll. I always though that by the same token, he would not have raped Catherine but knew that would go through Franks head. I just never really saw any scene that led me to believe he did anything but kidnap her and tie her up to wait for Frank to come.

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  • 1 year later...

I just read this thread and i must say, what ethsnafu wrote is just amazing! Thats such a great find! Im totally into that pig stuff. woot.gif

It makes all sense! Also the thing with Frank and the "if you wouldnt do what you are doing, you would do what i am doing" quote from another show...

Maybe thats why Lucy and all Legion is after Frank. They wanna have him back. They dont want him to manipulate his gift, but to use it as it was planned to be. Maybe he was infected by Legion, but he was that much of a good person, that he could defeat the evil inside and even repent its power into his gift, that is his curse at the same time, because it shows him all the darkness and lets him understand it, what causes so much pain for him.

And do you remember Lara Means in her flush of madness when she shoots at Frank seeing the Legion-Demon? She saw his oppressed potential.

Isnt there a saying, that every human beeing has his dark side, that we have to fight our demons? You got me? Here, we really could go on for pages!

Thats so cool!happy.gif

But why i opened this thread was another reason. I wanted to see if someone was talking bout something that i didnt quite understand.

Near the end, the Millennium Elder said "(Frank) He did something that we should have done a long time ago" (or something like that... i was just translating my german audio track). So was the Polaroid Man a former Member of the Group or what?

That would explain another thing:
Did you recognize, that he has an Ouroboros Tattoo around his wrist? (Right side i believe)

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I think Polaroid man was a failed candidate perhaps, or someone they brainwashed and used as a hit man.... I also think, someone saw Frank's gift, and got the polaroid guy to stalk him, knowing it would eventually lead him to the group.

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I never noticed the tattoo around his wrist, wow, one more thing to look out for while watching the show again.
Aka The Polaroid Stalker. After receiving menacing Polaroids of Catherine and Jordan, Frank retired from the FBI and relocated his family to Seattle. However, the Polaroids continued to arrive and Catherine was later abducted from the Sea-Tac airport by the stalker himself (Paper Dove).
It was revealed The Millennium Group had withheld information about The Polaroid Stalker and Frank, understandably upset, continued his pursuit without their involvement. He found Catherine within the basement of an abandoned home and struggled with The Polaroid Stalker who died brutally at Frank's hand.
Disturbed by these events, Catherine asked for a temporary separation in her marriage (The Beginning and the End).
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