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Guest Theotherside

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Guest Theotherside

This, I believe is my first post here. I am longtime fan of Millenium and very close friend to se7enand1. I am way overdue to post here and humbly appologize for this. Full time school and work keep me at bay with regards to any liesure activities.

I can't say how much I miss those nights of watching a new episode of Millenium with my friend and the anticipation of what would be next in Frank Blacks scarry but noble life. I am and always will be of the opinion that Millenium was the best TV ever. I don't  want to sound wanton in this opinion. There are many reasons for this and someday I will get into it in more detail.

As for me, I'm in pharmacy school full time and work in a pharmacy as a technitian. I enjoy this profession and look forward to making the move to pharmacist someday. But for now, 7 years of school await me. One year at a time I guess.

I have heard a great deal about this forum from se7enand1 and look forward to being in here more often in the future.  :ouro:

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........jimbo! :D !    good to hear from ya man. i've been telling gra and scott about you for what seems like ages now! glad you could finaly post and hope that when first year is over you'll be able to hang out here more often(?)

                WELCOME to TIWWA,jim,

                                           DAVE :ouro:

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Jim I just have this one thing to say..................

............................YOU ARE STILL BUTT UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :jumping:  

I still love  :love: ya big guy.

Denise/ Lucy  :devil:

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I can't help it it's the Lucy in me. She is coming out slowly but surly. :devil: I even dyed my hair black today. Now all I have to do is wait until it gets long. The real me is not like that I'm usully sweet an inocent :angel:


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