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Amazon.com's MM DVD page

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Not sure if this has already been posted here, but I got this from a mailing-list I'm on.

Amazon.com's MM DVD page has the following:

"Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You'll also be voting for this release; we'll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title."

Although I wonder whether this vote has more to do with Amazon marketing than actually getting the message to Fox.

We've got 200 possible votes right here! Is it worth us all going over to the website to vote?

The URL is:



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Guest byzantine

Hi Libby,

I actually have that page bookmarked.  I keep checking back every once and a while and just for the heck of it click the button for them to email me when it does become available.  If Millennium ever does get released I will be swamped with emails from Amazon - not that I would care at that point! :wink:

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Excellent stuff.

That's page has been there for what seems like a year.

I once asked Amazon if they could give some idea of the number of subscriptions but never got a reply.

Perhaps they are taking a leaf out of Fox's book.

The other thing that has confused me is that every rumour site refers to the release as Millennium: The Complete First Season whereas Amazon refer to it as Millennium (1996).

Gra. :ouro:

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......here's one slight possibility,but i hope i'm dead wrong,everytime i've seen a listing for a television show to be released on dvd that did NOT have "THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON" or "YEAR ONE"/"SEASON-1",etc. it almost always indicated that it's a "BEST OF" compilation. :ghostface:  now i can't imagine even the "fine-folks-at-fox" doing this with a show like MM so my better guess is that it's just not in production.............yet(???)

                ~will they EVER get over thier seemingly endless biases against MM???  they are releaseing the drivel-packed "dark-angel" which was only on for 2-seasons and,really,did no better in the ratings than MM did!


                                         se7en  :ouro:

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Guest sheela na 9i9

why didn t they produce dvd or vcd until now!actually,still get no change,I couldn t find dvd or vcd, they shouldn  t make a "best of bla bla..",we want all episodes,right? :smokin:

                      :ouro:                        :ouro:

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VHS, DVD, WHATEVER, just do something!

I'd be thrilled beyond measure if someone would put it back on the air, and I could tape it!  The Sci Fi channell shows old episodes of Knight Rider, for Heavens sake!  Come on!!!  That show is so old, even the cobwebs have cobwebs! :rofl:  :grin2:

I'll keep on dreaming! :sleepy:  :snore:

~peace :angel:


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Guest nuno
it's amaizing how much old junk they pass on tv every day and no room space for Millennium episodes.
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Guest Grace

Not to beat a dead horse, but I figured I may as well say it again ...

SVCDs of the entire series *are* available in high-quality SVCD format in the newsgroup alt.binaries.tv.millennium ... each of these SVCDs is completely playable on most DVD players (note, I say most, not all - check out dvdrhelp.com for a complete list of compatible DVD players), and having been the one to cap and encode these puppies, I daresay, they look pretty darn good ... they're *completely* archivable, as I have done, and look pretty darned good on a shelf in the living room ... :)

So, if you want to watch MLM on your TV in the comfort of your own living room, check these SVCDs out - they're worth the time and effort to learn how to download ... :)


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  • Elders (Moderators)

Just echoing Grace's message - but the horse doesn't look dead to me - in fact seeing how Grace's caps are still being posted to the binaries group very frequently, it looks like the horse is still going strong.  :smily_tooth_big:

Anyway, I think I've already mentioned what software I use for downloading, and subsequently burning the episodes, but just let me tell you what I do after that because, as Grace says, these puppies look good on the shelf.

What I do after burning the eps onto disk is to use software made by a company called Fellowes to print the labels and inserts. As part of the package there is a nifty gadget which makes getting the label onto the disk very easy.

The CD label has an ouroborous (black and white on a white background) with "Millennium" towards the top and the ep number and name towards the bottom. For the case I print an insert that goes in the back which has the ep number and name on each side and on the back has an oroborous, again with the ep number and name plus the writer(s) and director.

Then I print an folded insert for the front cover which has on the front an oroborous but in black and gold on a white background plus ep number and name, and on the back the writer(s), director, original air date and short synopsis.

On the inside of that I have the long synopsis but that is produced by using text boxes within Word as I found the Fellowes software particularly bad for that purpose.

I haven't yet done them all (there's this little matter of transcripts that's higher on the list of priorities), and they're maybe not amazingly professional-looking, but they're the only eps I've spent that amount of time on. Almost all the other stuff I've downloaded and burned onto CD just have the ep info written on them by hand and mostly just kept on a spindle.

What? Obsessive? Me? No, umm, I'm just, uh, what's the term that X-Philes use - focussed. Yep, that's it. I'm focussed.

(But really, really focussed.) :laugh_big:

PS: Of course, I do realise that the moment I've finished completely customising all 66 cases, that will be the day the release of the DVDs is announced!


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