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Here's an update on the transcript project:

Sorry for the delay - sometimes Real Life just gets in the way.  :cry:

I've now got about half-a-dozen Season 2 eps almost complete. But, as before, I could do with some help with some bits of dialogue that I can't quite understand.

Now, some of them are sports-related - since Morgan and Wong are both great baseball fans, some of the eps have baseball-related bits in them. So I hope you sports fans can help out there.

Also, I've got a feeling that some of them may be references to M&W's more, how shall I put it, risque humour. Or to US-centric pop culture references, which I don't understand because (a) I'm in the UK and (b) I'm old.

So, if anyone wants to respond with a giggle or whatever at my woeful ignorance - please feel free - my kids have being doing that to me for years.  :laugh:

I'll post separately for each episode, putting "Transcript help" as the topic title, the ep number and name in the topic description, to make things clear.

I think that when the transcripts go up on Brian's site, there should be an acknowledgement of all help received, but we can sort that out then.

I really am grateful for any help that anyone can give.


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