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MillenniuM voice downloads.

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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find Millennium downloads of intro monologs, or if this even exists.  In particular, I was looking for the opening monologe spoken by "Red Crow" Westerman at the begging of "A Single Blade of Grass".  (I think that's Westerman...Having a mental lapse...too late at night... :rofl: )

If anyone knows where I could find this, or if it even exists, I'd be very grateful!

:ouro:THIS IS WHO WE ARE :ouro:


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Hi Erin,

I've taken up your challenge and created some more Millennium Soundbites.

I've recorded the monologue by "Red Crow" Westerman at the beginning of "A Single Blade of Grass" from DVD to the PC, normalised it and it sounds great.

You can downloaded either of the following formats, one is in Windows Media Audio 9 (which I love cos it kicks MP3's ass!) and the other is MP3 format! The original wav file was over 5 MB!

If you can't play the WM9 version in your Windows Media Player I've uploaded the WM9 Codec for you to download easiliy rather than messing about on Microsoft's site. It will also enable you to enjoy the other soundbites I've created in the past on my site, www.Millennium Desktop.co.uk

Here's the files, you can also copy the links for including in your site if you wish:

WMA9 Version size:281KB Details: 64 kbps, 2-pass CBR


MP3 Version size: 655KB Details: 160Kbps


Windows Media Player 9 Codec's (Audio and Video Bundle)

Download and run to install the codecs, reboot your PC...


After posting I noticed the Board had shortened the above links! You are not downloading a file called "ass"!




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Wish I was over there...I'd hug you! :love: Now, if I can just figure out what all those numbers mean and how to use it!  I'm realy flying by the seat of my pants, as you can tell! :cool:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I'll go check it out!


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Erin, thanks and also thanks for the e-mail I've just replied to.

The numbers are for techno-gimps like me!

Basically, the higher the bitrate the better the sound but he longer the file size. 192kbps is said to be CD Quality in MP3. The Windows Media 9 version is smaller than the MP3 version and uses much lower bitrate yet is just as good to listen to.


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I responded to your response...now I'm responding to this response! :rofl: I used the first one...WMA9 version, and you're right!  It kicks ass!!!  I just about jumped outta my chair when it started to play!!!!  It was like it was in sterio!!!

Thanks again! :D

Maybe we could share that walking stick of yours....?  :;):

(Just kidding!)


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