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.....director "PETER MARKLE",best known for directing the superlative S3 ep "SEVEN AND ONE",is continuing his directorial duties on the sleeper hit series "WITHOUT A TRACE". it's a strange thing about this show,it keeps going higher and higher in the ratings,biting the ass of the soap opera "E.R." but hardly no one talks about it on the net. this show has really turned into one my favorites in it's first season. anthony lapaglia,eric close,poppy montgomery,etc. al,really gelled as an ensemble and the eps that PETER MARKLE directed in this first season,along with the writers of course,is mainly responsible for this in my view. a large group of beind the scenes MM-vets are now seemingly connected to "jerry bruckheimer productions": CSI,CSI-MIAMI and now WITHOUT A TRACE. i think a key difference between this show and the 2-CSI's is simple: MORE EMOTIONAL DEPTH IN THE CHARACTERS.   it seems peter markle excells at this type of material over and over again.      ...season finale this thursday,5/8-10-p.m.    if you have spare time you should check this out,it's really really excellent in every way. like MM there is not always a happy ending,the bad guy is not always caught,the bad guy is also not always convicted,and most importantly the main character's actions have,and often DO,have consequences.

                                ~se7en   :ouro:

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