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sad but true.....

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.....okay here comes the ultimate slap in the face to some MM-fans: "PROFILER" is being released on dvd. yes,that horrendous hunk of dung is actually being released on DVD.....................................and MILLENNIUM is "still" nowhere to be seen!?!?. :angry:  :devil:  :down:  :cry:

                             ~se7en :ouro:

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Guest Tammy55

Remember - these are the people who made "Temptation Island" so what can you expect.

X Files took a while to get on DVD, so hopefully it will be out someday.


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What's wrong with Profiler? Excluding the last two seasons (which were almost as bad as the ninth season of The X-Files) it was clearly better than Millennium's first or third season. Great cast, great background storyline (Jack), no dead-moments etc.

And in no way it was a Millennium rip-off.

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Guest The_0ld_Man

You mean, beside the terribly lackluster acting of a female star with some looks? Besides the moronic stringing together of words that some networks term as "prose" (to steal from Swordfish there)

Hmmm whatever could we be talking about when we say Profiler was a terrible show that should not be put to DVD???

Good grief.

T_0_M :Owls_Ouro_Large:

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Guest Justa Fan

"How long, how long, oh Lord, will the wicked triumph..."

OK....OK...let's try to be upbeat.

If the studios are releasing their crap on DVD...

then...sooner or later...they HAVE to release the

good stuff (aka: Millennium).

Rocky and Bullwinkle (the first season) has been

released on DVD.  Now that's classic TV!!

"Eannie, Meannie, Chili Beannie...

The Spirits Are About To Speak!!"


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