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Raven Wolf


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I just had to share this.  Some of you know the story of my best friend Laury, who died on May 8th, 2000.  (The story is posted in the Millennium memorial)  Well, I was just fooling around the other day, and came across a site called "Psychic Adventures On-Line".  I thought it might be fun to try to get a reading.  Today, on the 3rd anniversary of her death, I got a reply.  A woman there said she had been trying to get a feel for me & do a reading for me, but every time she tried, a

"a female presence by the name of Lorri-Laury-Lauri or something like that keeps interferring with it, telling me to let you know that her and the boys are fine.  I can't get past her.  She blocks the way.  I feel the color blonde and red. (Have I totaly lost my mind?)

She had two little boys who died with her.  I have blonde hair.

Her boys had red hair.

Just thought someone might be interested to hear validation that there is a life after this life!

~Peace and Love to all! :angel:


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Thank you, for sharing it.

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