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A Single Blade of Grass

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No, Frank's the one you play a trick on, then he deals with it and moves on. I love how his character mentally and emotionally dealt with so many weird things he saw both in visions and in the material world. Lance did a fantastic job portraying this with his facial expressions.

As I stated in another thread, we need to start a new thread with a list of questions, watch the show again, and then come back with, "hopefully," answers regarding for starters ~

1. coyote or trickster

2. gargoyles

3. prayer stick

4. mysterious caller

5. etc,

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I have no doubt that one of us will find that prayer stick.

Does anyone have anything more to add to the list?

I so want to know who that mysterious caller is, but just haven't had the time to start watching the series yet.

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Force Majeure: Was Dennis Hoffman one of the "children" and somehow didn't know it? Was he the natural son of the old man in the iron lung? Or was he just so taken with them family on sight that he hopped the bus? Maybe the old man recruited him to lead the children ?? Was one of those books about him? I keep trying to see when they show the book and say he's gone, they are all gone, etc... but I can't quite see.

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An unusual man prepares his bizarre family of cloned daughters for the great apocalyptic disaster of May 5th, 2000. While attempting to investigate a seemingly paranormal chain of events linked to these blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls, Frank Black and the Millennium Group find they have a thorn in their side in Dennis Hoffman, a man who is a self-proclaimed expert on the great planetary alignment that will cause the anticipated disaster.

Here's the link to the episode profile ~


Hope this helps. This is one of my favorite episodes and the episode I found my signature picture.

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Thanks, seesthru, but 'Bardo Thodol' is out of the Question. I watched the series chronologically, and the prayer stick tickled my brain while watching 'Blade of Grass', so it must have appeared before.

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It never says if Dennis Hoffman is one of Iron man's offspring though. Once Hoffman went into the room with Iron lung man, he knelt and did the supplication pose. It's like he might have been one of Iron lung mans children and didn't know it. That's the impression I got...

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