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A Single Blade of Grass

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That's possible. Did hoffman know the gesture though from seeing crime photos or did that just come naturally? THat's what got me. I dont' think he had access to the autposy photos, etc... maybe he heard it from one of the students at the college, how she did the supplication gesture, dunno.

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As intelligent as Hoffman was/is, and all the research he did, I am sure he knew. Then once he knew, it would probably be a natural gesture.

I believe the supplication gesture was explained in the episode. Again, I need to watch the show one more time. So many more things to look for and consider.

The quote from the Force Majeure (Greater Force) episode ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/episode.php?mlm_code=112

You remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones. - Plato
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Seesthru: I always believed that Denis Hoffmann was just overwhelmed, perhaps awed, by the fact that he now was facing someone that had lived with the same thoughts and ideas he himself had had, but hadn´t stayed idle. It was a dream given form, in a way. And that Dennis would be overwhelmed, sort of, and sharing a moment of understanding and kinship with the man is understandable,

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