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The thing with Lucy as the snake devouring Divina...

In the beginning we heard, that Lucy was pregnant already. Way before she went nasty with Frank or the Senator. I think she ate Divina and transformed her inside her Body into her child. Maybe Lucys fetus or its remains kinda ate Divinas personality and her soul and became her. She then gave "birth" to her as the new, devilish Divina. Does that sound possible?

Would also be a good metaphor. The God-Child Divina (devine) becomes the Devil-Child Divina (Lucys Spawn). That would also explain how Divinas footprints could be identical to Lucys dead child ones.

Anyway it is my favorite episode following "Room with no view". So this one has 9.98 Points and "Room" has 10 Points. Sometimes the other way around... While im reading and writing about this episode, it becomes my favorite laugh.gif

I so love, how we also see, that Frank is really afraid of this hole demonic part of his life. His connection with Lucy, even though he does his best at not letting her feel it. But he tries to keep Emma as far away as possible from that hole thing, cause he knows how dangerous it is. He must protect her from getting too close to this kind of evil. I also love, that Frank really accepts, that this is something supernatural by responding to Emma when she wanna mention that Lucy probably is dead: "Shes not, she never will be." Thats SOO Awesome evil.gif I just love Lucy and that mythology. I think thats why i loved Season two probably the most out of the three seasons. Because of the religious mythology. I know, Antipas is Season 3... just saying.

Also at the end:
"You can corrupt men, but you can not corrupt innocents" the way Lucy laughs that off. Thats so well played wub.gif The devil corrupted the innocents as well as the men. Just think of the episode with the girl in Season 2. And Lucy will show Frank in "Saturn dreaming" how good she can corrupt the innocents ("Who's stronger Frank?") gasp.gif And when Frank says that he came here to tell her, that hes not afraid... the way he frowns after saying that is like "oh man, i even dont believe myself saying that" and than she hits him with her threat. Right on his weakest point. Like one member said before, thats the perfect time for another nervous breakdown sweat.gif

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Lucy Butler always did everything very deliberately. If she took her time removing a button, it was well thought out and planned that way. When the wife caught her glimpse, it looked as if Lucy was ( bluntly) giving her husband a blow job. That was the plan, a stab tot he heart of the wife, the divide and conquer, the sewing of discontent.

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