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Anger Pours From My Eyes Like A Wounded Victim

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A friend of mine wrote this.  He wishes to remain anonymous as far as his writing for now, so I will only give his first name and last initial.  He was trying to paint a true picture of rage and the darker parts of the mind, as it encounters the ignorance and narcicism of everyday life and everyday people.

He handed it to me the other day at work.  When I read it, I immediately thought that it seemed like the perfect Millenniumistic/Season One-istic kind of poem.  So, I asked him if I could post it here.  He agree, obvisously.

Before the poem, I will post for you his prelude to the poem.  After the poem with follow his postlude.  I have italicized the prelude and postludes.

Let the thought of what we're about to partake of, wash over you like water baptism.  Giving you the power to view today's problems with a mental clarity, not know since childhood.  I thought that we could invoke the spirit of the war gods with one of my more violent works.

Anger Pours From My Eyes Like A Wounded Victim

By Steve B

Anger pours from my eyes like a wounded victim

Madness over-whelms me with the need to rip inside them

With all of their silly comments, they bring themselves closer to death

Their words become slower than the rotations of my shapening stone

Around and around it spins

Brining my blade to a scalpel like finish

I shall bleed them all

Allowing them to taste their own blood

"Forgive me lord"

For I know what I am doing

Yet, it is still the only answer to the maddening voices inside my head; which dance to the loud drumbeat of death

In the words of Kawato {that alien thing that came out of that guys chest in the movie, Total Recall} OPEN YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!

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My opinion is that it is pretty good.Realistic.

I like it very much.


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