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KABOOM!  Another MLM/TXF crossover spotting!

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Well, I am always looking for MLM cast and crew in everything on film, theatre, or tv.  What I have not done is look to see if there are MLM characters making little appearances in the X-Files.  I am glad you brought this to mind.  Let's see, MLM started along with Season 3 of the X-Files, correct?  I will definitely keep an eye out for this in these seasons.  I will also look for the little tv references, like when we can hear the X-Files epsisode "Kill Switch" on the TV in MLM episode Human Essense.  I know that they did this kind of thing a few times with Harsh Realm.  Has any spotted any of the above this in any of the X-Files?

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........MM started with S4 of THE X-FILES. if it helps any(???)

                                                   ~se7en :ouro:

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