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.........BELOW IS A "MDUK" UPDATE informing that our mm-project review is finally completed. i feel a little,but not much!,strange announcing this,but we hope you'll head over to MDUK and check out his extensive,and yes,beleive it or not "independent",review of our project. it is a wonderful 13-pages long with dozens of clickable photos/links/audio-files/video files,etc.    ....if any of you were ever thinking about placing an order but were waiting for this review by graham-(as i know a few were)-well............THE TIME IS NOW!!!    ....and another dream of ours has come true;to actually have it reviewed in a comprehensive way.


                  ......THANK YOU GRAHAM!!!!

23.05.03 Reviewed: Millennium on DVD-R...

"When is Millennium coming out on DVD?" That is the single most popular question that finds it way into my E-Mail in-box. The answer as always remains the same; "A Fox Official release is rumoured to be forthcoming at the end of this year." As mentioned before on Millennium Desktop UK, there is however an alternative...  To coincide with this site's redesign, I'm proud to finally be able to provide the completed review of an outstanding alternative and collectors item in it's own right, Millennium on DVD-R: Collector's Edition. produced by Millennium fans Se7enand1. At last you can now enjoy Millennium on DVD-R at your own convenience. Click here or use the new Menu Bar to find the Review. GS

                                ~peace all,


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......simply email us privately via the email address at the end of the review or you can P.M. us here! :plain_big:

                                 ~oceans of peace,



                                            DENISE :bye-big:  :ouro:

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Guest TheSunKing1972
I would really like to hear some opinions from some of the buyers of this AWESOME looking DVD set. I am dying to buy it, but my wife is worried about the quality. I have assured here that they sound almost perfect..since I have read the review at MDUK...$299 is alot of money for me right now.....but I WILL HAVE THEM.  :praying_big:
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