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Millennium - Age Group Appeal

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Millennium Appeal  

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I was browsing through the forthcoming months of the Events Calendar on the main TIWWA Index Page and noticed the ages of TIWWA Members, which had me wondering if Millennium appealed to a particular age group or not?

Perhaps Millennium fans are attracted to it and/or relate to it more having experienced certain life events and undertakings or perhaps Millennium appeals more to 'younger' generations whose diet includes Horror and Gore etc.

Please feel free to add your Age Group to the Poll to perhaps form a clear picture of to whom Millennium appeals most...


Graham. :ouro:

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Guest TheSunKing1972
I am 30 & my wife is 39 and I have been a MillenniuM fan since season 1 episode 1....  I saw the preview for the show and it grabbed me right away....been hooked ever since.  My dad liked it too and he was 61 when he died..... that's why I missed the last part of season 3, he was sick. As a matter of fact..I caught up on a few missed episodes while he was in the hospital when FX started airing the reruns. I was watching the MillenniuM marathon on New Years Eve 1999 in the waiting room.   now I'm going off topic....I just feel the need to tell you this....but the night my dad died.....I went home and got in the shower......I couldn't feel the water on my skin I was so numb.  Treasure your folks people.
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Guest Denno
My wife and I both watched MM from the start.  I think she was the first one to see the preview for it coming to Fox and she said "That guy you like from Aliens is going to be in a new TV series this fall."  Thats all it took for me was for Lance to be involved and I was ready to give it a try.  Nothing like it being a very good series in addition to having a favorite actor as the lead.  By the way both my wife and I are in the 31-35 group.
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I'm only in the up to 25 age group, but I explain that with the fact that I was interested in quality story-driven television from the very first time I said a word roughly 20 years ago :D


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Guest Justa Fan

My hunch would be Millennium Fans would tend to be a

bit older...say 45 to 65 years of age.

My reasoning is that "Seniors" have experienced just about

all that life and society has to offer.  They remember events

first hand.  When Charlie Manson and friends were hot topics;

the horror, fear and disgust were in "real" time.  This wasn't

no history lesson Baby...this was "in your face."

After a lifetime of strange and wonderful events, a person

could have a lot of apprehension concerning the new

millennium.  I think Chris Carter and friends tapped into

this apprehension and created a great television show.



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Excellent point, Justa!

And something just occured to me, when I looked at the current stats here.  The majority of MLM fans, sort far tallied, fall between the ages of 18 and 35.  Isn't that the classic age range for the typical serial killer profile - often quoted on our favorite show! (or shows... if you include the references to this in the X-Files!)   :laugh_big:


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