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The Sheriff in this episode is called "Cayce". I didn't think to google for this name as it rang no bells for me, but I did search for the correct spelling of "Stormberger" who Frank mentioned as being an 18th century prophetiser.

I looked at this site:


which not only has information about Stormberger but also about Edgar Cayce who gave readings whilst in a self-induced hypnotic state. Most of those readings were of people with medical problems where Cayce supplied solutions despite having no medical training himself.

In the episode, Frank has visions when he touches the backpack of one of the abducted children - Jessica Cayce, Sheriff Cayce's daughter. And later when talking with the abductor, he realises that one of the children is a peacemaker, and we're clearly meant to associate that with Jessica.

There are quite a number of links on that site to other prophecies and is an interesting site to browse around for those interested.

Libby (research-girl  :p )

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