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Fight Club - Warning SPOILERS -

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First of all, I think that this film is one of the greatest films ever made!!! Humour-wise, acting, script, directing, everything!  I mean, the way it conveys and portrays certain things - incredible!

As far as it's Millenniumistic elements, I think there are several things.  First of all David Fincher movies tend to be on the edge and really dark, and about huge powerful levels of manipulation and secrecy, etc.  I think all these things are running themes in MLM.  Examples of David Fincher movies: "Se7en" and "The Game"... both very millenniumistic in their own rights.  I will get to them in another thread... feel free to beat me to the punch... I know at least one person in the forum who would be more than willing...

Anyway, here are some of the millenniumistic elements of Fight Club.  First of all, some very disturbing images and situations.  First of all, the house where Tyler/Jack(Narrator) moves into... all the mold and water, and smell, and it being in the "toxic waste part of town."  Just his alone has the feel or impact of something that might be in MLM.

Secondly, the whole very severe and bizzare dissociative/split personality of the Tyler/Jack(Narrator).  The way this is played out... it just reminds me of some of the alternate reality/consciousness shifts and visions that we see in MLM.

Then there are numerous disturbing images and things... like them getting fat from a lypo suction clinic to make soap.  Also, the fight scenes and violence itself.  This kind of in your face violence and destructiveness was definitely portrayed in MLM... to the extent that "Broadcast Stadards & Practices" would allow.   :laugh_big:   And where they couldn't be as blantant... the violence was implied.

Also, the whole undercurrent of society/civilization sort of comming undone at the seams... with the gen-x members of Fight Club... then becoming the followers of Tyler in Project Mayhem.  The whole mindless furvor and devotion of these guys, reflecting a civilization that is about to explode.  I just think this kind of "civilization about to fall apart" was a big theme in MLM.

And, ovbiously, there is Tylers things that he tells Jack(Narrator) about of his post-apocalyptic visions of what NYC will be like in the distant future.  And in the end, the apocalyptic plot to destroy/explode the centers of credit and finance around the country thru Project Mayhem (interesting little conincidence of the film, by the way, coinsiding with things that would happen not to much later...).  Then the dark apocalyptic images at the end of the buildings exploding and collapsing.

All in all, I would say Fight Club is fraught with MillenniuMistic elements and millenniumistic(as in apocalyptic) themes.

What do you think?

:hands4: Scott

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Fight Club and Se7en are probably my favorite movies. at least in the top 5. david fincher really knows how to make a great story into a great movie. is it millenniumistic? fight club is definatly.

if anyone has not seen this film, by god buy them now!!!!

fight club is a great book too. i've really gotten into chuck palaknuik(spelling?) he is a very unique writer if anyone is looking for a good read.

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Agreed!  David Fincher is amazing!

I have heard really good things about the book.  I have considered reading it.  You mentioned really getting into the author.  Have you read other things he has written?  What are some of his other books?

I am excited that someone finally responded to this thread!  FC is an incredible film!  And I am glad to hear that someone else sees the millenniumistic aspects of it.

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chuck has written:

Fight Club <good>

Survivor <not read>

Invisible Monsters <not read>

Choke <okay>

Lulliby <good>

i would suggest Fight Club and Lulliby, choke was just wierd, it was about a sex addict who pretends to choke on food at restaurants to make people feel they saved him and would help support him with money and gifts. the end was disappointing.

i didn't really know what the film was about when i watched it but i was hooked the minute i saw it, i was a big se7en fan and for some reason wasn't aware david fincher directed fight club.

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Guest canadian girl

Just watched Fight Club a few days ago and agree with you all. It's a provacative film...and entertaining too.

I still haven't seen Seven but it's on my list of must sees.

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Guest blondton13
Just watched Fight Club a few days ago and agree with you all. It's a provacative film...and entertaining too.

Oh my goodness Canadian Girl -Se7en is a requirement for TIWWA members! :Ouroborous_Large::f_eyebrows:

You have to see it- you will definitely like it!!!

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