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Your Favorite Aspect of MillenniuM

Your Favorite Aspect of MillenniuM  

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I did voted for a Legion/Lucy part of the series, this was always my favorite part, obviously wherever Lucy put her work around Blacks... Now after like fifth rewatching process i do think that if there will ever be some new tv/movie Millennium that they should focus on Lucy. With the Millennium group gone which is sadly and very weirdly confirmated by Skinner in The x files ( zombies? really? ), bringing them back would felt as just forcing the old theme too much and there is no reason. Lucy on the other hand, is force which will and didnt just die, she always just dissapeared before they could catch her, last time she tryed to get her grip around Jordan ( that if as me have a theory that young Lucas is the whole time Lucy just in another form ), this could be actually best story for continue, Lucy would try now tempted adult Jordan after so many years, because of many people believes, year 2000 was just a start of the end of the world, look at the news how much differences in religion cause chaos today, with so much non religious conflicts in other hand, we right now are living through very chaotic years, that could be used also as a reason for Lucy to actualy have a reason to collect those among us which are special for her side when true Judgment day will upon us.... Like really its worth of a shot...

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