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Frank's voice...or should that be Lance's?

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Guest Core

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Okay, while I am a heterosexual by all means and references, I've to say I find Lance's/Frank's voice to be very unique and at times, even astonishing. On Nexus' ftp site I came across a bunch of "songs" that I do not know where they are from, but which are MLM-related. One of them, 'Frankly Speaking', includes an excerpt of one of the first episodes (the pilot, maybe?) where Frank explains why he had a breakdown and could not work anymore - when the polaroids started coming in the mail. This, is a powerful listening experience. He can muster so much suffering, anger, frustration and general darkness out of his voice, it is amazing.

Don't laugh at me, but my wish for Santa this year, as though unlikely to happen, is that someone were to write books with the same dark edge that MLM had, preferably MLM-related (hell, there have been enough TXF eps put into paperback form) and Lance would then read them on "tape".

I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to spend quite a bit on tapes-on-books about MLM with Lance's voice.

Not likely to happen, but one can dream, right?

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Guest TheSunKing1972

Naww man, Lance has a GREAT voice...why in the world would you think because you like his voice...it would be a hint to homosexuality, lol.

Anyway...it's just like a singers voice....if it's unique....then that's a plus. You hear his voice..you know who it is.  I recently rented a little video game called R.L.H. (Run Like Hell) without knowing anything about it...well I'll be danged if Lance wasn't doing the voice of the lead character.  My wife wasn't even looking at the game and she goes.."Hey, it's Frank!"  You know Arnold when ya hear him...you know Clint when you hear him and you know Lance when you hear him. :frank_black:

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Guest Wellington


Pity I did not read this topic first, because I mentioned Lance's voice in Scott's topic about "scary" wallpapers. Guess I could be whiped for some off-topic errands... :cry: I think his voice creates a stunning contrast in the character. There is the Frank we see and there is the Frank we hear, and one does not allow to imagine the other. I like the way his phrases are constructed, and the choice of words is very relevant to tha whole character. And of course, like in litterature, you do not separate the construction from the meaning, and in that way, Lance's character may well be the most accomplished one on a tv show.


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Once again... Folks... don't be too self conscious about vearing off topic.  This is a loosely but carefully structured board.  We try to keep the boundaries as broad as possible.  Now, if things just get out of hand and chaotic, then I would say we need to be concerned.  However, there are always bound to be vear offs with this crowd and with topics of MLM.  Relax, enjoy, just go with it!


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:thankx-big: For the reassurance, Scott!

Now, as to the topic at hand...I have just one thing to say....."huba-huba" :makingeyes_big: (sorry, can't make the sexy noise that drives men wild... don't know how to spell it)

As you can all see in my thread, "Women Who Find Frank Black Irresisstable", we women appreaciate a good thing, too! :wink_big:


:Ouro_Large: RavenWolf :Owls_Ouro_Large:

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