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.......for you mothman film maniacs out there,of which i am happily one(!),you will be glad to hear that a film studio actually "listened" to it's fans!

        ..since sales of this DVD have surpassed even the movie's grosses itself-(and it did a decent $48-mill)-the fans have been emailing "sony" asking for,well,"more".  

       ...today was released-(or i SAW today anyway)-a special edition-2-dvd-set of "mothaman phrophecies",with audio comentary with director,some of the stars. 3-or-4 full length documentaties-(no 10-min. "featurettes" here,as far as i know)-one of which centers on the actual legend itself.          i know when i have the money i am ABSOLUTELY buying this set. i thought the other fans would like to know of this as well.  i saw it at walmart for $22.

                                    ~se7en :ouro:

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Hi Se7en,

I loved that movie. It was really engrossing.

I lent it to a couple of guys at work and they thought the same. Can't get 'em to watch Millennium though!  :cry:

Gra. :ouro:

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Guest Wellington


Too bad they did not do it first time... I was disappointed when I bought it some months ago: there was no leaflet in the case, not even the insert where the chapters are listed! Unless someone tells me that it is a director's cut, or that there are deleted scenes, or that the documentary about the legend is more than one hour long and particularly interesting, I am not sure I would buy it again... As good as the film is, alas!


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 I just wanted to chime in and say, YES!!! :yes_big: That was a FANTASTIC movie!  As soon as it came out on PayPeriew, I got it and taped it :thumbsup_big:  :wink_big:


:Ouro_Large: RavenWolf

                   :Owls_Ouro_Large: ~Erin

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I was lucky enough to see some of the sets of the mothman Ps- the bridge in New kensington, and the film was made at the old clark candy company not far a way. they built a bridge mock up ( as they were not allowed to damage the bridge in any way) they did have a documentary before the film came out showing how things were made. I remember when the bridge went down before christmas- it was on the news one night, and you would expect something like that to be all over the news the next day- but there was NOTHING- nothing in the paper, no followup on the news that night- nothing- it was like - it didn't happen.

I spoke with one of the extras, (as I haven't seen the film -alas) she was one of the people in the cars that he tries to warn, and when the bridge goes she says to the other person "what the H--- was that) and you see it through the window.The extras were allowed to take alot of photos of what was going on, and they made a website for themselves- and continued to meet and discuss the movie and the questions that it raised.

There is a line between reality, and fantisy, and yeah, there were alot of very wierd things that happened in that town and that area.

Not far away is the hill that if you park your car at the bottom of the hill and place it in netural, it will roll backwards up the hill by itself...

figure that one out...


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..........i jut recently got the 2-disc special edition,and while i have not seen all of the extras on disc-2 yet-(i plan on watching all of them at one time and make it a sort of mini-movie)-i can say that if anyone here is more than a casual fan of this film,like i am,that it is absolutely worth buying this DVD. EVERY penny of it,for me,is well spent!

                                     ~se7en :ouro:

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