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Wow!  Harsh Realm is still being aired on Space!?  Incredible.  That is kind of cool then.  Must mean there is a good Canadian HRM fan base!  I am in contact with some of the Canadian fans thru the HRM fan fic e-mail list I am a member of.  I will have to investigate this further.  

I thought about mentioning to you the HRM was airing last year on Space, but I really did think it would still be running!  They had moved it to the 5am time slot, so I figured it was on it's way out of cyndication on Space.

That's great news!  Well, enjoy!  I would definitely try to take advantage of being able to record the episodes right off the feed, if I were you!  In fact, that is how I got my HRM episodes in the first place!  I had someone record them right off the feed in exchange for me producing some HRM fan fic (sound familiar!).

HRM is can be very cool sometimes.  It has some great ideas and storylines.  And sometimes... it gets just plain silly and inconsistant.  There are some things that they never quite fully explain, or the explanation just muttles the waters more - and I don't mean in the wonderful intriguing style of 1013 "answers leading only to more questions."  I think it was just plain bad planning on the writers and producers parts.  It is kind of like the spots where the TXF and MLM start to jump and change direction, then tries to vear back.   Well, that seems to be what happened hear, in a way, only it happened in the course of just 9 episodes!  :laugh_big:

But, aside from that, there were many things that really appeal to me about it, and are really quite good.  I mentioned the character and one liners of Pinocchio.  Great stuff.  Then there are the narrative monologues/VOs of Hobbes - very true to great narrative monologues/VOs of Mulder, Scully, Black, Byers, etc.  And the ideas, the technology, the gadgets, the characters, and so forth are very enjoyable to me.  Plus the whole exploration of authoritarianism, cult of personality, etc... The police state environment of Santiago's regime and how this plays out is cool.  I love the General Santiago character.  There would have been massive potential to develop this character if the series had continued.

The other thing that is nice is the recurring presense of Sarah Jane Redmond, and Terry O'Quinn.  There are also other MLM recuring actors that make guest appearances in certain episodes - including the actor who played Jim Penseyers (speeling is way off, I know), Lance Henriksen (one time appearance) the actress that plays the Stripper that Frank interviews in Pilot, the actress that plays the Antipas little girl, and some others.  Plus there are a plethora of actors and actresses that were used as guests in TXFs.

So, over all, obviously, I was quite taken with HRM in the final analysis.  It had soooooo much potential.  Hence, I took to HRM fan fic as an outlet for this.

Do yourself a favor and record those 9 eps off the feed.  It will be well worth the time and effort.


"Every painful moment in your life casts a shadow across your neurobiology. Until you exterminate these dark memories, you will remain in a negative groove. Thus, those who cannot forget their past, are condemned to repeat it." -- J. Onan Goopta

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 Speaking of Harsh Realm... I just wanted to let you know that I've realy started to get into the show... and I thank you for sending the tapes my way!   :yes_big:  You're the best! :thumbsup_big:

 The mood is very different.... showing that Chris Carter is NOT a ONE TRICK PONEY!  I'm realy enjoying it!

  :thankx-big: again!

~Erin (Raven Wolf :devil01: )

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Guest MSandt
I think Carter hasn't done anything good in years. Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, the last two seasons of The X-Files are cheap and unfunny tv-entertainment. I expected Lone Gunmen to be an intelligent & serious serie but it turned out to be another boring modern serie with stupid humour. If Carter can't do anything better he deserves his downfall.
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The Lone Gunmen was SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!  Remember the episodes of The X Files that they were in in the beginning?  "So... what was the cause of death?"  "My medical opinion?"  "BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!"

I always thought that The Lone Gunmen were the comic releaf.  The way to keep from taking themselves .... or their work... (The X Files and MillenniuM)  too seriously... and to remember it IS a TV show! :yes_big:

 But... again.... Just my opinion... :thinking_big:

~Raven Wolf

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Hey, i never watched Harsh Realm or Lone Gunmen or Strange World, but i saw every episode of The others and i liked it a lot. Still i search the net for news about it but, no dvd yet realesed. I'm a pacient guy.
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Guest Wepwawet

I'm curious about 'Harsh Realm'.

Having seen the trailers on the 'MLM' DVDs, I thought it looked pretty interesting. I'd be keen to know what others think about the show in a bit more detail.

Having read a bit about it now, I have to say I'm concerned about 2 things:

1) Matrix-isms. The movie bored me rigid (I only sat through the 1st one, once).

2) An incomplete, inconsistent series.

Given this, is it worthwhile me spending money on an unfinished show that will never end satisfactorily, and leave me hanging thinking 'what if' ?

Or are the good episodes good enough to stand up in their own right?

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Guest lonegungrrly1121

as you may guess with my signature, I LOVE all things 1013!

I'd say definately watch Harsh Realm. The episodes are brilliant, not a bad one in all 9 IMO, it isn't concluded in any way shape or form, but it's still worth it. it's thought provoking to think where the show would have ended :bigsmile:

Harsh Realm was a wonderful show, and DB Sweeny was amazing. I just thought the idea was fresh and very different than any other 1013 show. it had so much potential and had so many tallented people in it. Acording to the HR interviews, CC had thought of the idea years before Matrix, had written the script years before the Matrix, but only had time etc to make the show when it was made.

As for Lone Gunmen, I love those guys. (hence my name lol) I've only seen a few episodes of the show, due to Sci-Fi airing them in a dodgy order and at dodgy times... but what I have seen, it's great. the last episode (again, like MM, ended with an x files cross-over) 'Jump the Shark' was so sad :( it was wonderful television.

I have to completely disagree that CC's worst work was HR, LGM and the last two season of the x files! IMO those, plus MM, were the exact BEST work he has ever done!! ( I will defend seasons 8 &9 of the x files until I die lol)

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