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Chris Carter and Omega watches

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Guest Wellington

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Guest Dixon

Thank you, Wellington.

It would be a dream come true to some day lock myself in a room somewhere and write the definitive companion guide to the series and its episodes, but we all know how successful Jane Goldman was on that front.

On the web front, however, I do intend to do just what you suggest.  I would very much like to write down all of these behind-the-scenes stories and present them.  As I've been hinting at around this forum frequently, I have designs on vastly expanding the episode guide that is presented at the Abyss in order to include all of the background facts, data, and trivia that I can add for each individual episode.  Stories, such as this Avatar/Omega tale, will surely have their place.  Unfortunately, beginning this site overhaul is going to take a great deal of time.  I just can't start it yet, but there will be a day when the episode guide at the Abyss will be doubled in size and each episode entry will be comprehensive in presentation.

That's the plan, in any case.  Let's hope I am afforded the time to begin and then complete it sometime in the not-too-distant future, especially if there's a Marburg outbreak on the way as you suggest.  It would take something as lethal as a Marburg outbreak to keep me from my continuing work on the Abyss, however.

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Regarding Lance's/Frank's Speedmaster Professional, he does wear a 30th Anniversary Special Edition. 10,000 30th Anniversary models were made, which is far more than typical Omega special editions (usually 2000 - 2500 piece runs). As noted above, the watch is Lance's personal watch which he received as a result of his work as Wally Schirra--the first astronaut to wear the Speedmaster into space, incidentally--on The Right Stuff. The caseback inscription of this particular version reads:

"Hello Houston, Tranquility Base Here ... The Eagle Has Landed ... July 21, 1969 02:56 GMT"*. The casebacks of normal Speedmaster Professionals (Omega Ref. 3570.50.00) read "Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions ... The first watch worn on the moon"

Additionally, the center medalion on the caseback of the 30th Anniversary Special Edition is a relief of the Apollo 11 Mission patch, unlike the Speedmaster Hippocampus on the back of standard Speedmaster Professionals.

The watches (i.e., the 30th anniversary Speedmaster Professional & standard Speedmaster Professionals) are identical in all other respects: the faces, hands, dial placements, movements, etc. They are both, naturally, manual wind timepieces like all Speedmaster Professionals, unlike the Speedmaster Automatics, which look somewhat similar, if smaller, to the untrained eye.

* Note: Most history books note July 20th as the landing date (in Houston); the date & time listed on the Speedmaster is in GMT.

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