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The Old Man

Fox - Which CC creation next on DVD?

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I was browsing through the new German Millennium Forum and noticed that TIWWA Member Spacefrog has discovered an interesting Poll on the German version of Fox's Website.

I believe the Fox are asking for public to vote on which of Chris Carter's Creations they would like to see appear as a DVD Box Set next? The Choices and Results as of this moment are:

The Lone Gunmen: 38.18%

Millennium: 55.24%

Harsh Realms: 6.42%

The Poll is not recreated on the US version of Fox's site.

Thanks to Spacefrog for the link.

See for yourself here



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:hi-big:  just done my bit and voted for millennium in german . although i cant speak a word of it !  anyway nice one spacefrog for pointing it out. the more votes the better .  regards  karen .     :cool-big:

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