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MLM cast, crew, characters... who would you fight?

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So, let's have at it!

Who, out of all the MLM cast, crew, and characters would you fight, and why?

I would fight Frank Spotnitz.  Besides the fact that he just has a kick ass name...

I would fight him because he just seems like he would be a twisted mother BLANKER!  I mean, couldn't you see him making you laugh during the fight with all kinds of goofy gestures and faces... then suddenly turning emotionless and surgically and precisely kidney punching you!  I mean, look at his humour and then look at the dark, sinister episodes he writes and does!

I can actually picture the fight in my mind!   :laugh_big:

Can't you see him... with that beard and hair... making faces the gestures to distract you... then going in for the kill!


So... who would you fight?  Real person or character, Alive or dead... doesn't matter.  Who'd be tough?


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Guest Wellington


Agent Baldwin is my pick. But I would not punch him until he gets toothless, nooooo.... I would sit with him, make him wear a StrangeDays-like head receiver and have him bear all the frustration and rage he inspired to us watchers. I would let it run again and again. He might try something with his eyebrows or even try to sneer at me, but I would just be seated, eye locked, showing a total disinterest to him or his career, until he starts to cry like a baby or pee in his pants. Or worse: I would shift him from MillenniuM to Buffy and let his ass being kicked by fat humour alone.

That day will be a glorious one. :No:


ps: do not get me wrong, I love Buffy... :wink_big:

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Guest LauraKrycek
I couldn't fight Barry Baldwin.  Not because I'm afraid he would hurt me, because I think I could break him, but because I always thought he was kind of attractive.  I guess in one of those bad-boy-yell-in-each-other's-faces-then-grab-each-other kind of ways.  I'd take down Lucy Butler, even though she'd probably turn all demon-like and take me down.  Always wanted to hit her.
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LauraKrycek said:
 I'd take down Lucy Butler, even though she'd probably turn all demon-like and take me down.  Always wanted to hit her.

Lucy?!  :Legion:   I would probably want to fight the person who wrote the Millennium Episode That I hate aka Somehow Satan Got behind Me.    Just kidding.   I would want to fight Art Bell or Jose Chung.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Guest Justa Fan

I would fight The Cigarette Smoking Man.

Oh yeah...he was there.

Remember the Morley cigarette butt in front

of The Old Man's footlocker?

What did he know?  What did he do?

Die Scum Bag!  :Gehenna:

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There are some "goooood answers" here!  Nice picks!

I have to add some more to my list.  I discovered this while writing in another loop recently.

I would fight each and every one of the so called angelic beings that made appearances in MLM.

I would fight Sam, then Simon, then Samiel.

but, remember... "one fight at a time, fellas..."



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Hmmmmm.... Well, if I wanted to get my ass kicked, I'd take on Lucy or that Siron chick. Maybe Alister... he may be a manifestation of Legion, but he looked like a pencel-neck wimp to me. And, there were several times when I'd LIKE to have kicked Peter's ass, for not being supportive enough of Frank... Like in Luminary. But, at least in the end, he redeamed himself and did the right thing. (that was a close one... Petie!

I'll add more when I think of 'em....

~Raven Wolf

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  • Elders (Admins)

LOL! I reckon I'd like to take on Jack Meredith, Frank's nosey neighbour. I'd rather live next door to Ned Flanders than Jack.

I'd like to slide down that ladder, drop to one knee and get in first with a Rocket McGrain right to the groin...  :rofl:

The Old Man :ouro:

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