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The Old Man

The Wonder Cabinet

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Way back in the 1700s, wealthy men had rooms called "wonder cabinets", which were like their own private museums filled with all kinds of scientific curiosities. Fast forward to present time, where an institute in Philadelphia -- Der Wunderkammern -- that believes that mankind's supposed improvements throughout this century have knocked Nature out of balance... and Nature might be starting to fight back (witness the Ebola virus, AIDS, etc.) It is run by an unseen, wealthy "philanthropist", Mr. Swissky, who hires three people to investigate biological anomalies and monstrosities -- in this episode, the investigation revolves around a man with two heads.

These lucky three include: Dr. Gordon Wayne, early 40s, a world-renowned heart surgeon who's haunted by a past failure (presently selling heart equipment); Sarah Coleman, 24, a brainy medical student who falls out of favour with her profs because she challenges the establishment; and Dr. Kevin Spitz, 30ish, a neurosurgeon with shaky ethics.

The pilot began filming on March 22, 1999.

Morgan & Wong were in the midsts of shooting their movie, "Flight 180" (now Final Destination) when they got the phone call informing them that the series was NOT picked up.

Find out more about "The Wonder Cabinet" at IMDB.com

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I never knew of it, and it seems the idea was a very good one. The backbone seems similar to that of Veritas, apart from the main theme. I like when people find little details like this old habit of collecting scientific apparatus and elaborate stories around them. However the characters bios look a bit overdone and I wonder what could have been the result after a long run of episodes.


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Pity it ain't been picked. Sounds like top notch Morgan & Wong. Those guys are geniuses.

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