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A ring of mob-like leaders controls 'The City', each family representing one of the seven deadly sins, hence the "Seven" in the title. The founder, Dante Alighieri, orders the families to cease and desist all illegal activities. This obviously doesn't go over too well with everyone else so they murder Dante and frame his innocent, visiting son, Eddie. Wrongfully imprisoned and very angry, Eddie is mentored by an old black dude, Leadbelly and together they vow to bring down each family one by one.

"The Notorious 7 is not on the air because the FOX EXECUTIVES ARE COWARDS!!"

 - Glen Morgan


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Guest Polaroid Stalker

Here's another little tidbit:

I know that one of the episodes (possibly the pilot) is entitled "The Fall Guy." I would assume it means that Eddie Alighieri is the so-called "Fall Guy." Dang, I wish this show were on!

-- The Stalker, leader of the mole-people

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Guest Justa Fan

OK...here's the big dumb question...

Has anyone seen any of these episodes?

The pilot?  Anything?

Are there bootlegs out there?

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Guest Dixon
I have seen the pilot episode of The Notorious 7, thanks to a poor quality bootleg that was passed along to me by a contact.  It certainly was a very... unique concept, even considering the background of Glen Morgan and James Wong.  Only one episode, the pilot, was shot.  The Fox network passed on the series and, to be perfectly honest, I can understand why.  Stylistically the show was unique, in what could easily be perceived as an awkward way considering today's primetime television climate.  It was like nothing else out there, and like nothing else Morgan and Wong have done before or since.
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To be perfectly honest with you, I wouldn't quite know where to begin looking for that particular tape at this moment in time.  Nearly all of my things, particularly my countless old video tapes, are in various states of storage.  I'm going to be moving yet again at the end of this month.  This is to say nothing of the fact that I don't have any means of dubbing video tapes.

Then again, if it helps, I'll say that The Notorious 7 should not be considered "the great work of Morgan and Wong."  We've all seen the dynamic duo produce great work and, to be blunt, the pilot episode of The Notorious 7 may be one of their most awkward efforts.  With all due respect to the boys, of course, I'm not even sure I'd call it very good.  (Then again, it has slightly more redeeming qualities than its counterpart The Wonder Cabinet, if only because it is bravely unique in its approach to entertaining storytelling.)

As I said, I can understand why the Fox network passed on the pilot, although it pains me to identify with that great evil.

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Guest WaveCrest

It's a pity they (DVD distributors) couldn't release more aired and unaired TV pilots on DVD. You can get the LA Confidential TV pilot on DVD though (on the LA Confidential Region 1 DVD). I haven't forgotten about this TV pilot which Morgan and Wong did. I wish this had been turned into a TV series. Could they have made it for cable? (I haven't looked at the link posted further up this page).

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