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Two FBI agents, one a nutbar profiler and the other a pathologist, team up to investigate the paranormal. They fight against mutants, monsters, aliens from outer space, shady government conspiracies and their own unresolved sexual tension... all in the quest for Truth!

Premiered in September 1993 with little expectation to do well on Fox, but somehow managed to last a full season without getting cancelled (a true feat).

Morgan and Wong served as co-executive producers on the show with Chris Carter, and wrote some of the most popular episodes of the series. They left mid-season 2 to work on "Space: Above and Beyond", and returned for a brief stint in the 4th season as staff writers and consulting producers.

Find out more about M&W's involvement in the X-Files here...

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Guest Justa Fan

Well, what can anyone say?


May we all get to return to our

roots when The X-Files 2 movie

is released.


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:alien: "The X Files" was the "Star Trek" of our generation... and people will STILL be obsessed with it for the next 30 years, I'll venture to say!  Think about it... Star Trek was only on for what... 3 years?  Not even appreciated in it's own time!  Hmmmmm  :thinking_big: sounds familar, doesn't it?

~Raven Wolf :ghostface:

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Guest Justa Fan

Well said Raven Wolf.

Captain James T. Mulder and Science Officer

Dana Spock.  I like it!

Long live BOTH worlds!


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Guest BitterIllusions
The X-files Rock! Were without it would I be. It an MM are the only shows on tv worth any while (well, not now because they are both off more or less off air unless you have cable...) None of those "reality" shows for me... I believe the truth is out there! :rockin':
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Guest MSandt

As disturbing as this is to realize, there is very little on TV that even interests me anymore!

So true. It took me a while to realize that. TV is so full of text-message (cellphone) shows (very popular in Finland) and real-tv shite. I only watch Stargate SG-1 and reruns of Profiler. But luckily I still have my DVD player and dozens of tapes :;):

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Guest 19:19

you are the only one, sorry.

w/o x-files there wouldnt be any millennium, especially for 3 seasons.

i only watch 4 shows now(shield, 24, dave c., south park) compared to a crap load back in the day. what can i say, tv sucks these days.


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