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Guest lonegungrrly1121

you know, up until now, i had no idea how many episodes M&W were responsible for in my all time favourite list!

faves in season 1:

Ice and Beyond the Sea. squeeze and tooms - all M&W!

Faves in Season 2:

Little Green Men, duane barry ascention and One Breath, Irresistible- 2 by M&W

faves in season 3;

War of the coperophages, Clyde bruckmans, jose Chungs- Darin Morganathon

Faves is Season 4:

home, SMALL POTATOES, The Field Where I Died, Never Again, Memento mori- Mostly by M&W and Darin Morgan

no wonder i love season 2 of MM!

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Guest Laurent.

I'm searching for something so I'm reviving some old threads.. sorry!

Just to point out that Darin Morgan wrote 0 episodes in season 4. Small Potatoes was from Vince Gilligan and Memento Mori from CC/FS/JS/VG (or Carter + John Gillnitz).

If I had to do my "best of" list... I bet a lot of them would also be from M&W but also from Vince Gilligan who was, in my opinion, the most productive and constantly good writer of the team.

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