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Favorite One-liner

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Guest Denno

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Guest Denno

Not sure if this has been done yet but I can't find it if it has.  So what's your favorite one-liner from MM?

For me its from a guy thats at Franks house with Rodecker and Peter when they are adding some security to Frank's computer.  Right after Frank attacks Rodecker this guy shouts out, "Get him Mr. Sunshine".  Its just one of those out of place comments that made me laugh so hard I nearly choked.

Btw can anyone tell me what episode this is in?  I have been going back through them and for the life of me I can't find it.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Denno,

It's from The Beginning and The End - the first episode of Season Two.

I guess it's a kind of hallmark of 1013 shows that even in the grimmest of episodes such as this (the one where Catherine has been kidnapped by the Polaroid Man who is later killed by Frank) that they can put in a humorous scene like this one.

The transcript is on Dix's Abyss site, if you want to read the rest of the dialogue in this scene.


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LOL!  That is an hilarious scene!  And a great choice for your fav one liner.  This is an excellent topic!!!

Okay, my fav one liner, that I don't think to many people pick up on is in Force Majuere.  When Frank goes to question the other TA/grad student at Washington Polytechnic.  He is in her office, and Frank is looking at the model of the solar system.  The TA says, "He said you would be interested in that," refering to the model.  Franks asks her who she is talking about.  She says, "Your partner... Dennis Hoffman... you know - the snappy dresser."


I didn't actually pick up on this the first time I saw it.  It wasn't until later, after I had seen the entire episode through, and later watched it again.  When I heard her say this, I almost busted a gut!!!  :rofl: Because, now I had seen him, and got a picture him in my mind when she said it!   :laugh_big:

Another good one is when Frank says to the FBI agents he is consulting with in "Paper Dove" and they are asking him about his take on the rise of human evil, serial killers, crime, etc.

"I don't think it's the beef."


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Guest Befallen

My favourite isn't even a line.

In "Seven & One", Emma and agent Boxer, who is investigating the case with the polaroids and thinks that Frank sent them himself, go to see Frank's therapist. She tells them that Frank still believes that the Millennium group was behind the virus that killed his wife. Boxer is totally surprised by this and looks over to Emma with a look that says "Is he for real?"

And the way she looks back at him... god it's priceless. You can see it all over her face, "What? So?" She totally agrees with Frank! Boxer didn't expect -that-.

With all the build-up of her distrust of the Group during the season, that one look really summarized it all. Made me laugh so hard.

Yeah. It's those subtle moments.

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Guest Justa Fan

My favorite Frankacism:

Frank's in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

Catherine and Jordan come in...Catherine says,

"Hmm...something smells Great!"

"What is it?" Jordan asks.

"It's Scrapple!" Frank Replies.

"What's in it?" Jordan asks.

"It's a MYSTERY!" Frank Replies.

Any fan of Scrapple has got to love that line!


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Guest Denno

Thanks Libby.  I have all the episodes in Avi format so I guess I'll be watching that one tonight  :)  Keep the thread rolling.  There are a lot of those one-liners out there.

..The killer doesn't see things that way.

How does he see them?


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The scapple one is really cute, very memorable.  And Denno's is a great one!!!  I love that one!

And, of course, I love Frank saying: "I'm roving, freelance, forensic profiler."  But the best is Jose Chung's flamey little reply and facial expression in response to Frank's line.  Jose Chung: "Ohhhh..."  It is like he is acknowledging Frank's quickness and clever little literary reference, in addition to being attracted to Frank and his profession, perhaps.  I love Charles Nelson Riley.  I am glad we got to see him perform one last time in the X-Files and MillenniuM before he died.

Now, another Doomsday Defense one liner that I love is spoken by Onan Goopta's fictitious character - the origial "roving, freelance, forensic profiler" - when he kicks in the door of a hotel to a crime scene investigation already in progress (this is a chapter that Frank is reading from Onan Goopta's "The Hacked-up Hack"):

Rocket McGrane: "Boys, boys, boys!  Lighten up!  This is a homocide, not a funeral! Hah-hah!"

Don't be dark,

:hands4: Scott

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Guest MSandt
I liked Geibelhouse's (what a name) line "Lookin' real downbeat." from Jose Chung episode. And the way Frank says "Stay" to that decoration in the beginning of 'Midnight of the Century' is neat :smokin:
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