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Millennium Eps

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In  millennial abyss there is a link where you can download all millennium eps in AVI format. I have problems tryind to download any ep.

If you have downloaded some ep or all of them, please send me an Email and tell me what i'm doing wrong.




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Guest hannibalgt

You have to be patient, those are Elinks, the more people share the files, the faster you dload the files, and know their availability its not so good...

If you want i can share with you any eisode you want via ICQ

my # its 171312131

See ya

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Hi, Hannibalgt, i also have been trying to download like Lucas Barr, do you mind if i call you on ICQ? My ICQ is 208460594.

I hope you can reply. Thanks.

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Guest David Marx

Just as a quick double-check...

Everyone is aware that these downloads (from the ShareReactor Forum thread) require an e-donkey client, right?

I'm currently sharing the entire first season and most of the second season whenever my clent is online.   Soon I'll have the thrid season complete!

Since the SR Forum is fairly unstable, let me reassure any curious parties that the quality on this is decent to good.  If anyone needs some extra help setting up an e-donkey client, let me know and I'll do what I can.

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Guest David Marx

Right on!

It looks like I'm getting good speed right now, but if one of them starts losing sources, I'll get in touch with ya!



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