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Best Episode Endings

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Its the house that never dies!

But I'll give a loud agreement to the Time is Now with a really good ending. For me, you could have ended the series there and I'd be happy (yeah, I wasn't thrilled with season three for the most part). Gave me a sense of dread for the future and made me wonder if I was going to die.



I am growing

And I am growing anxious

And I am growing weary

And I am growing closer

And I am growing up

And I am growing impatient

And I am growing leery

And I am growing wise

And I am growing less

And less

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I will pick the endings that I do not like, being that I think almost all of them are at least good if not great, given that Millennium is one of the best shows on television.....EVER !!!

Loin Like a Hunting Flame:

It was just one of those TV shows where you know that the bad guy is just too heinous to be kept alive. Shows like Star Trek are famous for killing off the bad guy/tortured soul in the last 5 minutes of the episode. Once the bad guy has gone past the pont of no return, killing him off seems to become a plot device. I know they have to do this sometimes, but some writers can do it really well. Others....well, that's why I'm writing. I guess after a little thought, the ending is not that horrible, but it's just a really mediocre ending that does not pull the episode up from being my least favorite.

Collateral Damage:

I actually like the scene at the Watts family dinner table, but the college-student-suddenly-breaking-free-and-killing-the-combat-veteran-with-her-bare-hands-after-being-nearly-dead-from-the-virus was just plain wrong. Did the writer run out of time and not finish the script? That lousy ending keeps this episode from being my season 3 favorite. It just kills all of the other great stuff (Peter Watts shines again!) in this episode, in my opinion.

It's an interesting contrast in that some producers like to end a season by ending the world and others like to leave the ending open for just about anything to happen.

The other really cool thing with Millennium is that we usually get a few plot threads at the end. The main one may be predictable, but there's usually one or two other ones that are there to leave us hanging to make things more interesting.


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"The Time Is Now" is, IMHO, one of the most stunning episode endings I have ever seen. It never ceases to amaze me how bleak and uncompromising it is. It still hits all the right spots for me despite repeated viewings over many years. A fine piece of writing.




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