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Vocal ID for your computer

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Guest Wellington

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Guest David Marx


[mild southern accent]

I'dh lahk to thank the Academy...

[/mild southern accent]

I just pictured that scene where Frank 'catches' Roedecker and his pal installing the security password, the quote Roedecker uses to get Frank to let go of him, (10 points to the first person who remembers that), and the way the were laughing it up when the heard Frank say "Soylent Green etc."

Which brings up two things for me:

How old is Roedecker supposed to be?  2001 was, what, 1968?

Soylent Green was 1971....

I'm not saying that 'young people don't watch classic sci-fi,' 'cause then I wouldn't be able to explain me, let alone half my freinds. (Got to see 2001 on a big screen recently, too.  Judas Rockin' Priest that film owns!)

I'm just saying that an "Aliens" quote might have been more in line with his (apparent) age group.

Which, of course, makes me think of the strangeness of Lance having to say "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid" over and over again.  



P.S. I'm glad you liked it enough to find a picture of Box! :smokin:

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"Take your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"  is the line you are refering to DM.  That's an easy one!  Are you sure it's worth 10 points?  Unless they are Who's Line Is It Anyway points - in which case, they are worth nothing!


I love that show!  Just watched it last nite!  Extremely funny!  Hmmmmm.... does anyone know if there was ever a MLM or Frank Black referrence used by the Who's Line cast?


"Every painful moment in your life casts a shadow across your neurobiology. Until you exterminate these dark memories, you will remain in a negative groove. Thus, those who cannot forget their past, are condemned to repeat it." -- J. Onan Goopta

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Guest Prufrock


My security-phrase would be:

"To lead you to an overwhelming question"

Comes from my favorite poem "The Love Song of J. alfred Prufrock" by TS Eliot.  I think the 2 lines that come before that are also relevant:

"Streets that follow like a tedious argument

Of insidious intent

To lead you to an overwhelming question . . ."

very MM I think


This is who we are



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:thinking_big: Ahhhh.... TS Elliot!

Now, if we're talking favorite poems... that have a rather dark, possibly Millennialistic....there's a couple of lines from "The Lady of Shallott" that would work wonderfuly!

"I am half-sick of shadows!" said.... THE LADY OF SHALLOT.


"The mirror cracked from side to side...."

~Raven Wolf :ghostface:  :smokin:

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Though it would considerably lengthen the sign-in process, I would make my vocal ID the entire theme from "Star Blazers".  I'd have to sing the whole d@mn thing everytime I logged on.  I could altermnate between the iscandar and comet empire versions to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

"We're off to outer space, we're leaving mother earth, to save the human race ...!" :duh_big:

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How long would THIS log-in take?!... :thinking_big:

"We're off to outer space

We're leaving Mother Earth

To save the human race

Our Star Blazers

"Searching for a distant star

Heading off to Iscandar

Leaving all we love behind

Who knows what danger we'll find?

"We must be strong and brave

Our home we've got to save

If we don't in just one year

Mother Earth will disappear

"Fighting with the Gamilons

We won't stop until we've won

Then we'll return and when we arrive

The Earth will survive

With our Star Blazers

"We're off in outer space

Protecting Mother Earth

To save the human race

Our Star Blazers

"Danger lurking everywhere

But we know we've got to dare

Evil men with evil schemes

They can't destroy all our dreams

"We must be strong and brave

Our home we've got to save

We must make the fighting cease

So Mother Earth will be at peace

"Through all the fire and the smoke

We will never give up hope

If we can win the Earth will survive

We'll keep peace alive

With our Star Blazers!!!

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WOW!!!!  THAT would certainly take a while to get through! :p  But, you could be sure that very few people would be able to crack your code, even if they had a voice simulator! :wink_big:

Another one that would be cool is the theme to Red Dwarf... but, it's been so many years since I saw that ..... I can't remember most of the lines... Just something about...

"Goldfish...nibbling on my toes..."

I miss that show... goofy as it was... :thinking_big:  :crying_big:

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