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Vocal ID for your computer

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Guest Wellington

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As a Frank Black's fan i wouldn't dare use another password besides his. But if i had to choose another i would use Leonidas phrase "Eat well because tonight we'll dinne in hell" as he and his men prepare to face the Persian army.

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Guest SouthernCelt

For sheer drama I always liked :ouro:"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." :ouro:

This is a paraphrase from the ancient Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita supposedly uttered by J. Robert Oppenheimer upon the witnessing the testing of the first A-Bomb.

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Guest icubud

Great question/topic! :bigsmile:

Some I can think of quickly are:

"This is who we are."

"Inconceivable!" - Princess Bride

"Beam me up Scottie"

"I see dead people." - Sixth Sense

Definitely got my mind working, I will have to add more later.

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Guest LauraKrycek
"Inconceivable!" - Princess Bride

Heehee rock out for another Princess Bride fan! If I had to pick a second from that movie, it would probably be "The Pit of Despair. Don't even think about trying to escape."

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Here would be mine-

"Damn you all to hell, you greedy computer nerds."

(a sarcastic stab at the people at Microsoft and any computer company)

be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

"Don't tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to. "- Buckaroo Banzai


"There are no answers- only choices."

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