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MillenniuM Referrences to The X-Files

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it's OT,and i'm late responding,but i just have to:

.........sorry,but for this fellow the XF-ep "MillenniuM" was "THE" worst pile of shite i ever laid eyes on.  not only is it maddeningly ridiculous but also insulting to most MM-fans looking for SOME closure.  

      ...i'd actually prefer to watch/endure "the time is now" or "siren" then to endure that pile again. :angry_steaming_big:  :sad_big:  :crying_big:

                           se7en :ouro:  :angel:

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Guest LauraKrycek

I am thinking of a wink Mr Selfosophy probably didn't have in mind, because it does not concern XF but another Fox series, being "Space: Above and Beyond". Its fate was even more gruesome than MM's: cancelled after one (1, ONE) season.

Yeah, I caught the chig in "The Curse of Frank Black" -- one of my favorite episodes.  After "Monster" caught my attention, it's that episode that cinched it as a total winner for me.  I totally loved "S:AAB", and though I didn't hear about it until after it was already cancelled (what can I say, I spent a few years locked in a cage -- I didn't hear about MM at all until fall '98), I saw all the episodes on the SciFi channel and loved it.  But hey, if you're gonna talk about wronged shows, can't get more so than "Harsh Realm".  Three episodes, man!  It didn't even have a chance!

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Guest Yaponchik

Just to make one thing clear people: I hated the XF episode as well. And yes, the same episode should be re-released, but only after it has been re-made :devil01: !

Didn't hear about the harsh realms thing before, so I must be late on that, I'll look it up on google :thinking_big:



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I don't remember if this one's been mentioned before, but..... :duh_big: DUH!!!!  Why didn't I think of this sooner??

Se7en's signature...."No one owns God, or THE TRUTH"

:thinking_big: Sleep deprivation can free your mind!!! :rofl:


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Well, I can see why some people were bitterly disappointed by the XF/MM crossover.  When it first aired, the only Millennium episode I had ever seen was the Pilot.  (X-boyfriend turned me off to it...looooong story)  So, when I heard about the XF/MM crossover, I thought that it was still being aired, and that this was a stunt to get more viewers...like when Mulder appeared on The Lone Gunmen.  So, I had an objective point of view.  My thoughts were as follows....

"Well, not bad if this is supposed to be a cheap rip-off of The X Files."

"Hmmm, Frank's pretty hot!"

"Wow!  This isn't gonna get Millennium too many new viewers if they only have Frank in a mental hospital, and everybody's dead!"

"If all they do on that show is chase zombies, why don't they just merge the 2 shows?  Those 3 would make a good team!"

"Why does Mulder look constipated in that scene in the basement when the zombies have him surrounded?"

"WHAT?  Frank's gonna shoot himself?  I can't watch this!"

"DAMN, he looks sexy with that gun in his hand!"

"Hey, didn't that clock on the mantle in the previous scene say 10:13?"

"Gee, it just got realy exciting, and it's almost over!"

"Why does Frank carry sparklers in his pocket?"

"Don't waist so many bullets, Frank!  Remember, there's another one of 'em!"

"OH sh*t!  I TOLD you not to waist so many bullets!


"Wait a minute....  Frank has a daughter THAT YOUNG?"

"WOO HOO!!!!!  Do I detect a little tounge, Mulder?"

"No, the world didn't end... but I bet the fan numbers will drop like the stock market when they get those 2 in bed together."

and, a few days later......

"Well that show was pretty cool.  When's Millennium on again?  CANCELLED???  WHAT DO YOU MEAN, CANCELLED?"

:rofl:  :jumping:  :rofl:  :jumping:  :rofl:

("but ..... Frank WAS pretty hot!") :frank_black:

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the advertising was bad to say the least.

my older brother and i use to watch x-files every week from the very start and i didn't know about millennium till the end of the first season, second to last episode.

to say the least i got hooked.


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