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John F. Byers

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Raven Wolf

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O.K.  I know he's got a different look from Melvin, but how many of you think Byers is an absolute puppy?  That kind of almost child-like innocence, and idealisam!

Let's hear it for the guy who shares my birthday!!!!

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Guest LauraKrycek
Absolutely!  Byers is such a cutie.  Made me wanna drop-kick that weasley little Modeski chick.  One reason I was so jazzed when I got to chat with Bruce Harwood online during the 2003 Guncon, which took place in Seattle this spring (I would've gone, but I didn't have the time or money).  I love it in the episode where the Gunmen come in all in disguise, and he's wearing a t-shirt (I can only assume it's one of Langly's) and his hair was all spiked.  Too cute!  Frohike's my teddy bear, Byers is my puppy dog, and Langly... well, with that hair, he looks like an afghan hound, but other than that, I don't have an animal for him.
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Guest MSandt

Well I can't judge their looks for obvious reasons but does anyone else think that the way Carter killed the Lone Gunmen was just stupid? It couldn't have been worse.

And I hated Lone Gunmen show. I always wanted a show for our three stooges but the way the XF team executed the Lone Gunmen show was just naive. I was expecting something serious and genius. Bah.

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Guest Justa Fan

Raven & Laura...

John Fitzgerald Byers is AMERICA!

He is apple pie ala mode!

Puppy Dog?  Naw...he's the American Eagle!

He fights for Justice and the American Way.

He wears clean underwear and a necktie!

Sure he gave up a great job with the FCC,

but Hey, who hasn't given up a government job?

He's a one woman man...and we all know who that

woman is!  She is so unworthy!!


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Guest LauraKrycek


I hated that the Gunmen died, too!  I thought it was terrible and unneccessary and I cried so long!  I made a LGM poster and put it up in my hallway, but at almost the end of the year someone was cleaning the hallway and threw it away.  I was SO mad!  I mean, sure, I guess they died saving the world, like they would've wanted to, but it was just STUPID!  What, they couldn't pull the alarm and then like JUMP to the other side of the door?  PLEASE.  Man, it still makes me angry and the backs of my eyes get all hot when I think about it!  Yet ANOTHER part of the last 2 XF seasons that makes me wish it had never been.

But I must say I loved TLG series.  Yeah, some of it was stupid, like the first few eps, but it made me laugh like I'd never laughed before.  I never really laughed out loud till that show!  I'd never had anything make me.  Plus, Jimmy Bond was hot, 'nuff said.


Yeah, I know he's all that... but doncha think puppy dogs are a little more cuddly that eagles?  :tongue:  He's the type of guy I rest my hand on the base of my throat and look at longingly when he gets those looks in his eyes... makes you wanna scoop him up and say "Don't worry, you'll reveal all the dastardly government conspiracies next time."  Not to mention drop-kick Modeski out of the picture.  Sure, she wasn't bad, and she set him on his conspiracy theorist path and blah blah BLAH, but she's still in the way.  When they're between me and my men, I get vicious! :angryred:  :devil01:

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Guest Justa Fan

OK Laura.....he's a puppy dog.

But...in John's mind I'm sure he's an Eagle.

If you ever get to University Pizza in Takoma

Park, Maryland....there's a picture of Byers

in the dining room.  You would love it!!

In regards to "Jump The Shark"...yep, it's a

sad, sad episode.  But..the boys went out the

way they wanted to.


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This is gonna sound totaly pathetic, but I kept hoping that the hole Jump the Shark fiasco was a conspiracy! :wink_big:

I was hoping it was some kind of scheme to make them "disapper", and go underground, like the had some top secret thing to do.  Or disappear like Mulder, but still always be there in the background, to give us all a feeling of security.

The people'sAmerican Heros!  But, alas... their ghosts show up in "The Truth" and my faith was shattered... :crying_big:  :sad_big:

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Guest LauraKrycek

LOL, why in the pizza place?  That's awesome, though!  Makes me want to eat there and then congratulate the people who chose to put it up.

And hey, maybe it WAS a conspiracy... just like in Conspiracy Theory!  And they aren't really dead, and neither are the rest of them... it was all just a set-up to make Mulder THINK that he was crazy and they were dead or something... yeah, that's it...  :smokin:

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Guest Justa Fan

Laura K. & Raven,

University Pizza is owned and operated by a couple

of University Of Maryland grads...who happen to be

X File/Gunmen freaks.  The offices of The Lone Gunmen

were in Takoma Park (which is right next to College Park,

which is the campus of the University Of Maryland).

So there's the tie-in.  

As far as the gunmen being raised from the dead.....

I would love to see it...but I don't think it's gonna

happen.  I hear when you get planted in Arlington

Cemetary....you stay there!


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