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John F. Byers

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Raven Wolf

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I hear when you get planted in Arlington Cemetary....you stay there!

:thinking_big:There's somethin' else buggin' me......

Since when is it proper procedure to bury someone who's been exposed to an unknown biological weapon?  I thought they cremaited you?!  I thought it was a bio-harard!  Am I nuts?

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Guest LauraKrycek

Ohhh... you know it's late when I was seriously about to start this post "Have you ever seen the show 'Millennium'?"  And not at all in a sarcastic way.

Okay, I was gonna say maybe they buried them in containers like Frank found in that one blondie's house in "The Innocents".  I dunno, it could happen.

If they had died, y'know, 'cause they didn't.  Because even if they were supposed to, I only dreamed that episode and it never actually happened.  Yeah.

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Guest Justa Fan

Good Point!....I guess they were kinda Bio-hazard

corpses.  It's probably making the grass grow funny.

By the way, Ringo was buried with his laptop.


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Guest Polaroid Stalker

I too am a big fan of The Lone Gunmen, and when I saw "Jump the Shark," I could have cried.

Personally, I think they're still alive. In my mind, they faked their deaths and went underground. And in "The Truth," well... Mulder was hallucinating. Hey, it could happen!

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