Millennium Episode Locations Map

Chris Carter's Millennium television series featured many locations, taking Frank Black and the Millennium Group across the world. With the exception of the Black Family's Yellow House (set in the fictional address of 1910 Ezekiel Drive, Seattle, WA 98924 but actually located in Vancouver), the locations featured on this page are not filming locations. They are the specific locations referred to in each episode of Millennium. This map is a lot of fun to use, whether for serious episode researching or simply taking the chance to explore the treasured Yellow House in Satellite view or perhaps plan a real-life site seeing tour.

This map contains 175 Millennium episode locations, 99 of them are unique which means the remaining duplicate location markers are stacked on top of each other.

Blue Map Marker= Millennium Season 1 Episode   Red Map Marker= Millennium Season 2 Episode    Green Map Marker= Millennium Season 3 Episode

The Millennium Group

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List of locations:

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Millennium Episode Locations Map

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Visit the Yellow House!

Thanks to Google's Street View now including images of Vancouver, you can now visit and explore the neighbourhood around the famous Black family's residence, 'The Yellow House' as seen in Millennium.

Explore the Yellow House from Millennium on Google Street View

Explore the Yellow House:

Learn more about The Yellow House in Millennium.