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We've built a friendly, welcoming online community... where friendships are created and views valued... drawn together since 2002 with an appreciation of a wonderful television series that despite its intense darkness, touched and inspired many of us with its intellectual story telling and message of hope and light...
We welcome you, your diversity, your creativity and your thoughts and opinions...

This Is Who We Are - The Old Man


Community Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for this community "This Is Who We Are" otherwise referred to as 'Millennium - This Is Who We Are', 'M-TIWWA' or "TIWWA", are basically common sense, and what you would expect to find on a well managed website.
They exist to protect us all and maintain our community. We intend for this to remain a friendly place for Millennium fans to enjoy and return to as often as possible!

If your post content, signatures, profile images, etc. are considered disruptive and impact our visitors' enjoyment of our community, we may ask you to refrain from such actions or revoke your access to our community.

Thank you for your understanding!

A few main points, first...


About TIWWA, awesome areas of community awesomeness...

We're based on community content located within forums, live chat rooms, articles, blogs, galleries, file downloads and our community store which offers subscriptions etc.

We're always open to new forum ideas! We're also fairly relaxed about posting in old topics, unlike many sites.

Signed in members can add replies in most forums and areas, rate and react to content.

Our discussion Forums contain topics, aka threads, sometimes with many pages of conversation. We also have some special Q&A type forums, where you can up/down vote replies, or mark a response as the accepted answer.

Our Clubs facility can contain grouped or themed content such as Comic Superheroes topics, a TV or film franchise, an interest, sport or hobby etc. Clubs consist of forum topics, sometimes gallery images, calendars, news or blog articles, file downloads etc.
Clubs can be public, open, closed, private by invitation etc. Premium members can also start Clubs, apoint optional Leaders etc.

Our Gallery is where you can upload and sahre photos, artwork and images, create albums, rate images, add comments and reviews. Just pick the most appropriate area, category or album.

Our Blogs are are where you can view and comment on our staff blog and other member's blogs. 

Our Downloads section is where you can er, download files, like widgets and gadgets, themes and screensavers, but also comment and add reviews, or even upload and share your own creations.

We reserve the right to add or sometimes remove areas of the community based on their usage, resources or cost.

Some site content, features, storage allowances and functionality requires varying levels of free and paid subscription basis, but discussion of Millennium will always be free.


Flaming, Trolls and Flaming Trolls

Dark is always good but don't be too dark! We don't tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks. You'll be banned if you persist in unwanted behaviour. Please don't troll or feed the trolls!
Anyone deliberately antagonising other users by posting so-called 'flame-bait' type messages is not welcome here. You will probably end up banned if you persist in antisocial behaviour!


Archived content

For performance and preservation reasons, topics older than a few years may be automatically archived (closed and moved to a separate database table). Feel free to start a new topic. Oh, and you can link to the old one if you like.
However, archived topics do not show in search results, so we don't use it often.


Religion and Politics; breaking civilisations for millennia...

Hmmm. Sorry, but we no longer discuss or debate two subjects, religion and politics, as they proved very disruptive in our early days. We know that some people feel very strongly or passionate about their beliefs, but sadly many can't seem to discuss them for long without things turning unpleasant or even toxic. These 2 topics often ruin communities and is not the reason for the existence for this website. Since we banned these topics, our community became a peaceful haven.
You therefore agree not to post or promote discussion or debate on religious/anti-religious or political subject matter, unless directly relevant to an episode or plot line of Millennium or other TV series or film.


We support officially licensed releases, not illegal downloads or file sharing...

This community and website fully supported Fox's decision to release Millennium on public sale after a long campaign, and we would urge everyone to only support the sale and promotion of official DVD's, media and products in general.
We're sure genuine fans who appreciate the creativity and hard work of the cast, writers and production crew and companies will be supportive of this decision.
Inspired, fan-made collectibles like our t-shirts etc are okay, as long as they are not portrayed, sold or advertised misleadingly as genuine officially licensed products by Twentieth Century Fox and their respective companies.


So, onto our community rules and guidelines...

  • Our rules and guidelines always apply to public content as well as non-public, personal messages.
  • Please respect fellow members and site staff at all times. 
  • Any undermining, abuse, unwarranted or unnecessary criticism of this website, community moderators and site staff, their actions or their opinions is not permitted.
  • We do not permit or support discrimination, intimidation, bullying or harassment of any nature or kind.
  • Please be advised and possibly surprised, that not everyone may have or share the same opinions as you do. All opinions are welcome, provided they are expressed politely and respectfully. We prefer friendly, structured discussion, not aggressive or arrogant debate or having opinions forced.
  • Don't be evil! - Spam, abuse, flaming, unauthorised advertising, discussion or promotion of illegal substances, activities or pornography are not permitted and will be removed. Members are encouraged to report such content to us, using the Report Content tool provided.


As a member, you agree:

  • NEVER to post, deface, or transmit content or create or modify links to any adult content, fake, illegal, abusive, obscene, potentially harmful, vulgar, slanderous, libellous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.
  • Never to impersonate any other person or entity, or our community staff.
  • To avoid using "TIWWA" features in a manner that adversely affects the availability of its resources to other users (e.g., excessive shouting (use of all caps) or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text or topics).
  • Never post or knowingly transmit any virus or malware, unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes" or any other form of solicitation.
  • Competitor website links should never be included in members signatures or any area of the website without receiving prior consent. Staff may edit or delete such links or content at any time without notice.
  • Uploading or transmitting any content or media that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights ("Rights") of any party is not permitted.
  • Our staff team undertake to always act fairly and responsibly without prejudice, to uphold the values, rules and integrity of our community and website, and therefore reserve the right to Promote, Edit/Remove/Move/Re-Open/Close/Lock/Hide/Delete posts, topics and other content permanently or temporarily.
  • The Old Man, Graham P. Smith reserves the right to make any final decision and may review a decision made by a member of the Elder Staff to ensure it is fair and inline with our policies.


Naughty folks and other unwanted manifestations of Legion...

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway... disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated! Users may be warned up to 3 times before their member account is closed, however the site owner reserves the right to immediately ban and/or notify the member's ISP or law enforcement in worst case scenarios.


User Accounts

Creating multiple accounts is not permitted. We understand it sometimes happens for genuine reasons and we can merge existing accounts for you afterwards. However, creating multiple or fake accounts especially with a view to bypassing or circumventing being suspended or banned is strictly not permitted.

Similarly, using or obtaining access to another persons account is not permitted and will likely result in the accounts concerned being closed.


Display Names

You are welcome to change display/user names. Certain names are reserved so as not to confuse the infrastructure of the community. Examples being variations on existing member names. You agree never to impersonate any other member or member of staff.


Off-Topic Content

Please note we have many off-topic areas where members are able to discuss and share opinions on a large range of non-Millennium related issues and subjects. We love both  'on' and 'off' topic content, but hey, let's discuss Millennium some more!

By continuing to use our site, you agree to adhere to our guidelines and conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and help in keeping this community a relaxing and fun haven.

Updated: June 23, 2023

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