1. This Is Who We Are - Millennium Fan Community News, New Members and Greetings Forums

    1. Millennium and TIWWA Community News

      Featuring the latest This is who we are (TIWWA) Community News including service status and announcements. You can also discuss, comment and rate the latest news articles from on our main website, Millennium - This is who we are.


    2. The Innocents - Welcomes & Hello Messages

      Attention new Members! Just registered and not sure how to join in? Why not start a new topic, posting your first message here simply to say hello? We guarantee a warm welcome so don't be shy, jump in and you'll soon get the hang of it! Alternatively try out our Test forum within the Help and Support forum to see how things work!


  2. Chris Carter's Millennium

    1. Millennium Discussion

      Our main forum for general discussion on Chris Carter's Millennium TV series. Here you can post on any subject not already covered by one of our dedicated forums. If you post a topic for which we already have a dedicated forum, we'll happily move it for you to a more suitable place!


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    3. Millennium's Virtual Seasons

      Contains discussion forums for Millennium Virtual Seasons 4 and 5, critically acclaimed fan written episodes produced to the highest standards, which you can read on-line or download.

    4. Millennium on DVD

      Millennium is finally available on DVD. Inside we have details and specifications. Discuss all aspects of the official Millennium DVD's here including quality, special features, interviews, commentaries etc. What features do you think a Blu-Ray release should contain that were missed on the DVD release?

      TIWWA only supports discussion on the official retail DVD's - no discussion on copies or illegal downloads please.

    5. Millennium's Serial Killers, Behavioural Analysis and Profiling

      A forum dedicated to the discussion of Millennium's serial killers, criminals and the organisations that pursue them, as well as Millennium's portrayal of the Group's investigations and understanding of criminal behaviour, behavioural analysis, personality profiling, threat assessment, consultation and research.


    6. Somehow, Millennium Got Behind Me!

      What made Millennium so special? TIWWA presents an archive of personal testimonies to answer why Millennium meant so much to it's fans? From thoughts on the show when it received its première to how it makes you feel today watching your highly anticipated DVD Box Set episodes!

  3. My name is Legion, for we are many

    1. Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions - Millennium's 'Legion' mythology and Lucy Butler

      The mythology of Millennium focused heavily on the nature of evil, both human and supernatural. It was the supernatural element which caught the attention of many Millennium fans in particular and this became known amongst fans of the show as the Legion myth-arc.

      This forum contains discussion on Millennium's 'Legion' mythology, Lucy Butler and other manifestations of Legion who were more instruments and messengers.

  4. Millennium - Trivia, Caveats, Background Information and Biblical References

    1. Millennium Background Trivia and References

      Millennium contains a lot of background trivia and references within its mythology and episodes. Read more about these fascinating behind the scenes facts, biblical references and episode content here...

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  5. The Sound Of Snow - MillenniuM Music

    1. The Sounds of Mark Snow

      Mark Snow's Millennium beautiful themes and soundtrack continue to inspire. Discuss his Millennium music compositions here together with all other aspects of this extremely talented and highly respected composer.


    2. Millennium's Music

      Millennium contains an inspired collection of recordings to reflect and accompany the show's dark themes including tracks from Cypress Hill, White Zombie, Bobby Darin, Patti Smith and many more. It's almost impossible not to appreciate the artistic effect when listening to The Carpenters sing "Close to you" during the vicious dog attack in Beware of the Dog or America's "Horse with no name" during Owls, not forgetting the effect of "Love Is Blue" in A room with no view. Discuss the music from Millennium in more depth here...


  6. Millennium Cast & Crew Forums

    1. Lance Henriksen

      Discuss and review the films and TV shows of Lance Henriksen's perplexing, interesting, and entertaining career. Also discuss trivia and other information related to Lance Henriksen.


    2. Chris Carter & Ten Thirteen

      Discuss your favourite Millennium Writers, Producers, Directors here. An area of TIWWA to discuss Chris Carter and the various Production Crew members and their influences on Millennium.


    3. The MillenniuM Connection

      Keep up to date with the latest appearances and news of your favourite Millennium Cast and Crew.

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  8. Off-Topic Area

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