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    • Missed out on Millennium's official soundtracks?
      As you may know, 10 years ago the rather awesome @LaLaLandRecords released limited, stunning releases of Mark Snow's Millennium score. Currently, you can once more order copies of MILLENNIUM: LIMITED EDITION (2CD-SET) direct from LaLaLand's new website, which states a further limited batch of 1000 units are available from June 9th, 2018.

      The website also advertises 2000 units of MILLENNIUM VOL 2: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET). Both releases are priced at a very reasonable $24.98 at the time of writing.

      Visit LaLaLand Records' new website at https://lalalandrecords.com/


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    • Post in Snow Files of the Week
      Snow Files of the Week: Suite from "The X-Files", episode "Detour" (1997).

      In this season five episode, Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearance and murder of three men in the Apalachicola National Forest in Florida. Attacked by a human-like creature that seems to blend in with the surrounding forest the agents get lost in the woods and try to survive the night.            

      Mark Snow provides an eerie piano theme for the setting and his trademark dark soundscapes. The music is taken from the third 4CD box set with X-Files music, released by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies.



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    • Frank & The Deluge by Francis Danby
      I did this for Lance´s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The painting is from Francis Danby. It is called "The Deluge".
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    • Millennium Frank Black apocalypse wallpaper
      Millennium Frank Black apocalypse wallpaper
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    • Millennium frank and Katherine Black
      This is my poster to share the word of the Black family and if not the remembrance of the Black family to make sure they are not forgotten!
      photo of Frank and Katherine Black.
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  1. Millennium News, New Members & Greetings


    Discuss and comment on the latest Millennium news and articles from our main website, Millennium - This is who we are.


    Welcome New Members! Unsure how to join in? Why not start a new topic here, simply to say a quick hello? We guarantee a warm welcome! Oh, did we mention the little riverside, bloodletting ceremony? Just kidding. Honestly.



    A place to post your special thoughts, birthday wishes and seasonal greetings!

  2. Chris Carter's Millennium

    Millennium Discussion

    16,099 posts


    Our main forum for general discussion on Chris Carter's Millennium TV series.


    "Wait ... worry ... who cares?"

    Discussion on specific Millennium Season 1 episodes relating to their content, mytharcs, popularity, seasonal cast or production crew.


    "this is who we are ... the time is near..."

    Discussion on specific Millennium Season 2 episodes relating to their content, mytharcs, popularity, seasonal cast or production crew.


    "wait ... worry ... the time is near"

    Discussion on specific Millennium Season 3 episodes relating to their content, mytharcs, popularity, seasonal cast or production crew.


    Need a further dose of the Millennium Group and Frank Black? We strongly recommend the highly polished Millennium Virtual Seasons, fan-fiction written to professional standards.


    Millennium on DVD

    2,839 posts

    Millennium is finally available on DVD. Inside we have details and specifications. Discuss all aspects of the official Millennium DVD's here including quality, special features, interviews, commentaries etc. What features do you think a Blu-Ray release should contain that were missed on the DVD release?

    TIWWA only supports discussion on the official retail DVD's and streaming - no discussion on copies or illegal downloads, please.



    Diskutiere über MillenniuM in Deutsch. Episoden, Charaktere, Schauspieler und Hintergründe...

    Venez discuter en français de Millennium, de ses thèmes, épisodes, personnages et coulisses...


  3. My name is Legion, for we are many


    Discussion on Millennium's 'Legion' mythology, Lucy Butler and other manifestations of Legion who were perhaps more 'instruments and messengers'.


    Discussion of Millennium's serial killers, criminals and the organisations that pursue them, as well as the Group's investigations and understanding of criminal behaviour, behavioural analysis, personality profiling, threat assessment, consultation and research.

  4. Millennium - Trivia, Background & Biblical References


    Millennium contains a lot of background trivia and references within its episodes and overarching mythology. Learn more about these fascinating behind the scenes facts, the biblical references here...


    Discuss the history and nature of the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Illuminati and other ancient, mystical secret societies, as well as the more paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual aspects of the real world that seem to have inspired aspects of Millennium.


  5. The Sounds Of Snow - Millennium Music


    Mark Snow's beautiful Millennium themes and soundtrack continue to inspire. Discuss and learn more about his music compositions here, together with all other aspects of this extremely talented and respected composer, brought to you by our knowledgeable Snow expert, @SadEyes


    Millennium contains an inspired collection of recordings from hard rock to classical, from folk to opera in order to reflect and accompany the show's dark and emotional themes.

    From America, Cypress Hill, Dean Martin, White Zombie, KISS, Bobby Darin, Patti Smith, Screamin' Jay Hawkins to Tchaikovsky, Handel and many more. Discuss the music, the musicians and composers of Millennium in more depth...

  6. Millennium Cast & Crew Forums


    Discuss and review the films and TV shows of Lance Henriksen's perplexing, interesting and entertaining career, including trivia and other information related to the talented actor and artist.


    Chris Carter

    609 posts


    An area of TIWWA to discuss Chris Carter and the various 1013 Production Crew members and their influences on Millennium.

    Ten Thirteen Productions, Morgan & Wong's Hard Eight Pictures INC and Big Light's Frank Spotnitz created many other shows. Discuss their creations and influences in our dedicated sub-forum.


    Millennium Cast

    1,098 posts

    Keep up to date with the latest appearances and news of your favourite Millennium Cast and Crew.

  7. Millennium Downloads, Collectables, Fiction & Art


    Discussion on Millennium inspired downloads for your computer and hand-held devices. Also includes automatically generated Support Topics for the files located in our dedicated Download Manager.


    Discussion and advice on all aspects of Millennium collectibles, products and memorabilia...

  8. Off-Topic Area


    "Hey, kid. Great cup of coffee. Keep up the good work."

    Come for the coffee (with that secret added ingredient!), stay for the banter.


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