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Who Ya Gonna Call?....

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Is this a ghost in the spire? A GHOSTLY mystery has come to light at Halifax's Square Church spire, baffling council chiefs and workers. Last week, the Evening Courier reported how a pair of lovebirds could halt restoration of the historic landmark.But when steeplejacks zoomed in to get a photograph of the birds’ nest, they ended up with an unexpected snapshot.Foreman Barry Done says the digital snap shows a ghostly figure hovering in the steeple – and the find has worried council bosses so much it was the hot topic at their Monday morning meeting.“I was gobsmacked when I printed off the photos,” said Mr Done, of Manchester firm Best, which has been contracted by Calderdale Council.“We’d been trying to get shots of the birds, but then this eerie figure appeared on one of them.“I don’t believe in ghosts but this is weird and in my 20 years as a steeplejack I’ve never seen the like.”He said apprentice Anthony Finnigan, 18, took the photo inside the steeple on Friday morning and workers were now too scared to work up the spire alone. “There must be an explanation, but I haven’t a clue what it is,” said Mr Done.Martin Blower, heading the project for Calderdale Council, said: “I’ve seen a copy and it’s very interesting. But it could just be cleverly doctored.”Keen birdwatchers, meanwhile, believe the spire’s lovebirds could be kestrels.Gordon Denison, of Halifax Birdwatchers’ Club, said he visited the spire with his telescope on Sunday morning.“I spotted a female kestrel sunning herself on one of the turrets,” he said. 15 March 2005

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